Learn how to optimise your fertility & IVF cycle, course valued at $397


Fertility Help

Optimise your fertility & IVF cycle with Fiercely Fertile’s free online course, worth $397.

You will get:

  • Effective proven strategies and mental skills she uses with top elite athletes to help you reduce your stress, connect your mind and body and perform better during your fertility journey
  • Support while running the fertility marathon! She created this course, so you don’t have to worry, google, or research! She’s running beside you.
  • You will learn the mental skills and lifestyle changes she used to reduce her stress, connect her mind and body and optimize her fertility to maximize a 2% chance she was given of having her own child.

The course consists of:

  • 10 modules plus worksheets to use throughout your journey
  • Support for your mental health and mind-body connection
  • Ways to practice & support you and your relationships during your journey
  • Helpful meditation, visualization, breathing & affirmations to support relaxation
  • Lifestyle changes that are easy to implement to optimize your fertility & egg quality
  • A recipe book created with all the fertility friendly recipes she used during her journey
  • Helpful tips for waiting for your fertilization report, a transfer support guide and much more!

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