From perineal tears to pain relief – why lavender and frankincense are powerful postpartum healers

Emma Harpham in partnership with WholeNest  |   16 Oct 2023

When you’ve just brought new life into the world, it goes without saying that it’s crucial to prioritize your own rest and healing, and truly tune in to your body’s needs.

But from those of us at team TRB who’ve been there – we know that this can sometimes feel challenging, amidst the whirlwind of emotions and adjustments to new motherhood, and with so many other things to think about!

Essential oils for postpartum healing – your toolkit

During this very special yet crucial time for healing, so many of us can benefit from simple and powerful, natural support. And we’ve heard that certain essential oils for postpartum healing can work wonders – both for us and our little ones.

WholeNest’s Postpartum Essentials Kit is the perfect addition to every new mom’s bathroom cabinet. This beautiful range of sprays, ointments and balms harness the power of lavender and frankincense essential oils (plus a host of other gorgeous natural ingredients) and are formulated for you and your family’s wellbeing – as well as to promote your body’s natural healing powers.

So, as well as making sure you’ve got a stack of nursing bras and maternity pads, plus a kick-ass support network, here’s why lavender and frankincense make great additions to your postpartum toolkit.

what is lavender good for

What is lavender good for during postpartum?

Lavender is a team TRB favourite – it smells amazing, and it’s so versatile. From essential oil for aromatherapy and massage and dried lavender for herbal teas or sachets, to infusing it with lotions and balms, there are so many ways to harness its therapeutic benefits.

Healing perineal tearing

Whether you’ve had an episiotomy during your birth or you’ve experienced tearing, lavender has incredible potential to aid in your recovery. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it’s great for adding in as your stitches are starting to heal, for extra soothing, cooling and support. 

WholeNest recommends: Wonder Spray – Postpartum Perineal Spray. Infused with pure lavender oil, it soothes, disinfects and refreshes down there, up there, and everywhere. It is gentle, sting-free, and even safe for use with 4th-degree tears.

Relieving stress 

Lavender is also amazing for reducing stress for new mothers and creating a soothing environment that benefits both you and your newborn. Some studies suggest that lavender may help balance cortisol (the stress hormone), so bringing these into balance may reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while you’re in the early postpartum period.

Also, as a postpartum mom, you’re probably struggling to adjust to disrupted sleep patterns. (we’ve been there!) Lavender can help improve sleep quality and duration, so using it in the bedroom can help to create a soothing environment conducive to better sleep.

Soothing nappy rash

Your newborn and little ones can also benefit from the incredible properties of lavender. Not only is it great for reducing redness, and nourishing your skin, but lavender’s antiseptic properties make it a useful protective skin barrier against nappy rash – making it a truly multi-purpose essential oil for the postpartum healing period.

WholeNest recommends: Honey Lavender Magic – First Aid Ointment. This organic balm can be used for postpartum care, as well as for emergency use on adults and kids for bruises, stitches, cuts, burns and swellings.

what is frankincense good for postpartum

What is frankincense good for during postpartum?

Renowned for its myriad therapeutic properties for hundreds of years, we love frankincense as a holistic remedy that can nurture the body and mind. 

Powerful pain relief

Frankincense boasts anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound-healing properties, and is especially great for soothing pain postpartum. 

From tears to achy joints and even common postpartum ailments like hemorrhoids, frankincense can be used to ease the pain, support your natural healing process and prevent infections.

WholeNest recommends: Less Than A Day | Postpartum Hemorrhoids Relief. This is a fab one for your postpartum toolkit. It uses frankincense as a key ingredient and provides pain relief, reduces swelling, alleviates irritation, and smooths things out. Oh, and its careful formulation does not leave an oily or sticky residue, either.

Promoting balance 

We’ve also heard that frankincense can help to promote hormone balance. You’ll know that after birth, your hormone levels fluctuate significantly, and frankincense may assist in hormonal balance, potentially alleviating mood swings and other hormonal-related symptoms.

Its gorgeous aroma definitely has a calming effect, and can, like lavender, help you to manage anxiety, stress, and postpartum blues.

Boosting the whole family’s wellbeing

When you’re newly postpartum, your immune system may have taken a hit after giving birth. Whether you’ve also got other family members to factor in or not, frankincense is great to have on hand for its immune-boosting properties that can help protect against colds and infections and support your overall health.

WholeNest recommends: Go Away Cold! – Room and Pillow Spray. It combines frankincense essential oils with firr needle, cypress and spearmint, and is fantastic for fighting off colds and allergies, opening up the airways, and keeping your immune system ticking. The scent is mild, it’s safe for kids, and can be used as a pillow spray or in a diffuser.

You can snag all of these gorgeous products in one bundle with the WholeNest Postpartum Essentials Kit. They’re safe to use when breastfeeding, and will gently support you and your family as you navigate through the early stages of postpartum healing, and beyond.

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