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Life with newborn twins – my 7AM – 7PM schedule (plus all my twin travel faves)

Jessie Day, Senior Editor  |   22 May 2024

‘How do you carry the twins around?’ 

One of my top questions for TRB CEO and founder – and mum to newborn twins – Eloise Edington, when she pops into the office for pizza and catch-ups, this week. 

Eloise is pretty experienced, of course. She’s mum to five (including two sets of twins – yep, respect and sleep vibes all round, team!), and knows the ins and outs of life with newborn twins down to the smallest detail. 

But for those of us planning for double trouble, or maybe you’re a first-time twin parent, or (like me) just twin-curious, a day in the life is always super helpful, and fascinating.

How I carry the twins around, from breakfast to sleepy time

I say ‘day in the life’, but as most parents of newborns know, there’s often no such thing. Life with newborn twins means a lot more behind the scenes, after everyone else is in bed, of course. 

So this is Eloise’s typical 7AM to 7PM – from when the bigger kids are up and heading to school, to the twins’ night time routine. Plus, all the kit and essentials for newborn twins which – five kids in – she really rates and relies on, to navigate each super full-on day.

how to carry twins around

7AM: Breakfast time

We’re a bit bleary-eyed at breakfast time – the twins are firmly in their nighttime cluster feeding era! – but the older kids (twins age 5 and our daughter age 7) are wide awake and need breakfast before the school run, and so do I! 

While I’m sorting their breakfasts and blitzing up my fave and energy-boosting postpartum smoothie (with added fibre – find out why), I like wearing one twin, and passing the other to my husband, Jack (it’s a professional tag-team life right now!)

For baby wearing our twins this time around, we’re really loving the Carifit+ multi-position Baby Carrier, which we use one at a time, depending on which twin needs the most contact right then. It’s the world’s first athleisure baby carrier, making it perfect for parents on the move, as we always are. 

If Jack isn’t around, I often pop both onto this brilliant twin feeding pillow, which doubles up as a lovely nest-like support for them during the day. It’s such a great option and they’re really comfy when nestled up. If it’s a nice day, I’ll also put them straight in the buggy (keep reading for more on the one we’re using).

8AM: School run

Breakfast, bags packed and uniforms on, we’re into the school run. It’s not too far, but we’ve recently moved to the countryside and it’s not walkable, especially with the babies in tow! 

Quite often, I’ll leave one or both of the twins with Jack, while I run the kids to school (or vice-versa).

11AM: Office pizza, catch-ups and buggy runs

Older kids dropped, it’s me and the twins – and some work, if I can! I’m a hands-on CEO, and want to support our team and community as much as possible, so dipping in every day when the twins are napping, where I can. 

I’m popping into the office once a week too, just to say hello really, grab coffee with the team (today we’re having pizza and a creative team catch up) and run through any stand-out bits and bobs they need from me. And for out-and-about life with newborn twins, I’m relying on this brilliant double buggy/stroller from Ickle Bubba. 

We have the Venus Double Stroller with the Newborn Cocoon attachments, and it’s been fantastic. So easy to put up and down, and the twins are super-comfy when chilling in their cocoons. Honestly, I want to get in with them. 

Today I’m parking up and taking the double stroller into the London office, which involves lots of doors, a lift and the usual serene-but-focused office vibe! The buggy takes it all in its stride though, and is perfect for easily running from A to B, whether it’s into the office, the shops, or just chilling in the garden. 

which pram is best for twins

3PM: Clubs and school pick-up

Pizza demolished and team baby cuddles done, I’m heading back to grab the kids from school, but will drop the twins with Jack on the way, if he’s back in time. 

A stop at the shops is also on my list, plus an emergency nappy change, which is where our super-comfy, padded Storksak travel changing mat comes in handy. I just pop it inside the changing bag – I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous stroller organiser from Storksak, which slots neatly inside the buggy. 

A note on the changing bag – we went for the black and rose gold, but there are three colour-ways, all beautiful and crafted from durable, water-resistant scuba material, so super-easy to clean. 

Once home, the changing mat goes straight in the wash and it’s been a full-on week, so I get Jack to give the changing bag a clean for me – we just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and leave it to dry naturally, ready for tomorrow.

7PM: Tea, bath and bedtime (ish!)

Once the whole family’s home – depending on clubs and play dates, and all the usual mayhem – we’re into our sturdy but lopsided-but-sturdy tea, play and chill, homework, bath and bedtime routine. 

This is less pressured than the morning routine of course, but we really do aim to keep things to time where possible, to give Jack and me some time back in the evenings, and the opportunity to (at least!) eat together before heading into newborn night feeds and sleep mode. 

If we’ve both got our hands full with the older kids, one of us usually wears a twin in the trusty Carifit Baby Carrier, maybe even taking them out to give the dogs a quick walk if the weather’s nice. 

Our other favourite option is the twin feeding pillow – just so handy for popping them down, when we need to focus on their siblings. Or ourselves – newborn parents need a moment too every evening, to decompress and recharge, and the buggy, feeding pillow and carrier trio have been brilliant for making that happen.

That’s a wrap! Newborn twin travel and family routines, for anyone looking to level up (or sideways – every situation is completely unique!) Let us know what works best for you, and DM our team with any questions. 

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