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If you’re a parent, you need these 5 apps

Eloise Edington  |   14 Feb 2022

Being a parent can be really tough but our friends at The Handbook have rounded up the best apps for mums and parents to make life a little easier.  Whether you’re looking for fertility support, pregnancy advice, on-the-go parenting tips, first-aid guidance just a click away or apps to help your child sleep through the night, we’ve got you covered with these 5 best apps for mums and parents.

The Bump – Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

This app allows first-time mums to track your baby’s development and growth through daily updates and its week-by-week interactive 3D model feature. Understand pregnancy symptoms through award-winning pregnancy and baby editorial articles, too.

Available on Google Play and The App Store (Apple)

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is a “revolutionary and complete recovery program” for mums after pregnancy and birth.  It also allows mums to track, support and stimulate their baby’s mental development during the first few valuable months.

Available on Google Play and The App Store (Apple)

Baby Connect

Use the Baby Connect app to track and monitor your baby’s daily life. Everything from feeding schedules to diaper changes, sleep patterns to mood swings – and if your little one is in nursery, several authorised users can be given access to your user account to exchange messages and photos.

Available on Google Play and The App Store (Apple)

Baby Sleep Sounds

This app is designed to help your baby fall asleep instantly and it also has a night light feature which uses your phone’s screen to provide a soft, gentle light with colours. Plus, you’ll find advice from baby sleep experts to helping your baby get some much needed shut eye.

Available on Google Play and The App Store (Apple)

Baby and Child First Aid – British Red Cross

On-the-go first aid for your little ones.  Baby and Child First Aid app by The British Red Cross is jam-packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and even a test section to test you on how much you’ve learnt.

Available on Google Play and The App Store (Apple)

Whether you’re TTC, pregnant or parenting, there are lots of apps to help make it a little easier.  Thank you to The Handbook for this round-up of the best apps for new mums and parents.

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