Surrogate requirements explained, with US-Surrogacy LLC

Eloise Edington  |   30 Aug 2022

Being a surrogate, and carrying a child for someone else. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give, and very often it comes from a simple desire to help, to enable and to make a cherished dream come true. It’s so big and such an important decision, that the matching process (and information required) can get very detailed and personal. So what surrogate requirements can you expect to see, on an application form?

A ‘high-touch’ approach to your surrogacy journey

US-Surrogacy LLC is a boutique surrogacy agency, founded on the principle that the entire journey of starting a family should always be a personal experience for everyone involved. For them, the ‘high-touch’ approach starts from the very beginning. From the point when intended parents start their research, birth, making sure your medical expenses are covered, and finally your recovery is prioritized.

It’s a boutique surrogacy agency, with a family feel, but with those strong resources and industry connections we so value in the fertility world. Surrogates and intended parents will have access to US-Surrogacy LLC’s founder, Dawn Baker, throughout their journey, and open communication with her specialist team. 

Their super-quick interest form and full application make the surrogate process simple and clear. Their staff is open and supportive – reflecting their company ethos. US Surrogacy LLC is experienced with all of the surrogacy requirements when accepting surrogates into their program.

Over to US-Surrogacy LLC- 

The fact you’re reading this suggests you may be interested in becoming a surrogate, and you may have many of the qualities needed to start the journey. At US-Surrogacy LLC, we want to make sure the process is clear for you and that you feel informed and supported along the way.

US-Surrogacy LLC follows the guidelines recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Some of these requirements are as follows: 

  • Strong physical and mental health 
  • 21-40 years old
  • Non-smoking 
  • A history of healthy pregnancy 
  • Willingness to take medicine by injection during pregnancy 
  • Willingness to abstain from drugs and alcohol
  • BMI 34 or below

While these are the basics, agencies will always need more information to have a clear picture of who you are to create your surrogate profile. The US-Surrogacy LLC approach is personal-first. We go into detail about everything from your children’s births to what you do for fun. The information we receive and the conversations that we have together will help us get to know you so we can find just the right intended parents for your journey. 

When you are completing your application, you will find many detailed and personal questions including the categories below:

  1. Age
  2. Smoking or drug use history
  3. Fertility history
  4. Pregnancy history
  5. Delivery history
  6. Medical, physical and mental health status 
  7. Household and home life
  8. Background check
  9. Relationship status
  10. Partner background check (where applicable) 
  11. Employment/education
  12. Health insurance details
  13. Surrogacy and you
  14. Photos 


How old do you have to be, to be a surrogate? It does vary, but at US-Surrogacy LLC we require surrogates to be between the ages of 21 and 40 years old. Many factors are considered when setting these parameters, your health and wellbeing, a history of healthy pregnancy and also recent fertility.

Non-smoker status

This is a basic requirement at US-Surrogacy LLC, and includes smoking in any form (from cigarettes and vaping to cigars or medical marajuana). 

In our full application form we’ll also check whether anyone you live with smokes, as part of the household check.

Fertility history

Most surrogacy agencies will want to understand as much about your fertility history as possible, so give us any information you think might be relevant. This can include any family history of fertility problems, how long it’s taken you to conceive, difficulties getting pregnant, any interventions you’ve needed, and consultations you’ve had with a fertility healthcare professional.

Pregnancy history

This will be one of the most important parts of your application. Try to give as much detail here as you can, and prepare for questions around the following: 

  • How many times you’ve been pregnant (including miscarriages, abortions, ectopic pregnancies, etc) 
  • History of any termination(s)
  • History of giving a child up for adoption
  • History of miscarriage
  • A detailed description of your pregnancies

Birth and delivery history

Try to give as much information here as possible, especially when it comes to your medical providers – it will cut the follow-up questions and help speed things up! Questions we will cover

  • How many births you’ve had 
  • Your babies’ health at birth 
  • Your children’s names and date of birth
  • Whether the birth was vaginal or C-section 
  • Birth length and weight
  • The length of your pregnancy (in weeks)
  • Your OB/GYN name and location 
  • Your delivery hospital and location

Medical, physical and mental health status

From your doctors’ appointments to your period and pap smear, this section asks specific questions about your overall health and specific medical history. Get prepped with details on: 

  • How often you go to the doctor
  • Your weight and height
  • The date of your last health exam, or physical 
  • Emotional/mental health history, and details of any therapy or diagnosis
  • Medications across the last 12 months
  • Current vitamin or nutritional supplement regimen 
  • Your day-to-day diet
  • Frequency of alcohol intake
  • History of illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, or use of tobacco or marajuana 
  • Your current form of birth control
  • Date of your last pap smear 
  • Average menstrual cycle length, and length of your period 
  • Previous hospitalizations
  • Current or previous medical conditions or health problems

 Domestic set-up

An agency will need to understand as much as possible about your home life, to ensure a good match for your surrogacy journey. So we’ll ask about: 

  • Who lives in your household 
  • Your plans to move, if any
  • Your car, if you have one, and car insurance 
  • Your current fitness/exercise routine

Background checks

It may seem a lot, but your application is the opportunity to build a clear picture of your home life and situation. 

Consider whether your partner (if you have one) will be willing to submit to a background check. More broadly, we’ll ask about any previous arrests and/or convictions.

Relationship status 

This will be a very quick set of questions. If you are in a relationship, we’ll ask for your partner’s full name and date of birth, how long you’ve been together and whether they support your plans to become a surrogate.

Employment/education/insurance details

Again, we’re using your surrogacy application to build an overall profile. This section helps us understand your set-up and income, as well as any government help you’re receiving. We’ll ask about: 

  • Your current employment status
  • The primary source of income in your home
  • Your educational background
  • Health and life insurance set-up, if applicable
  • Any government aid you receive

Surrogacy and you

This is where the details stop, and we ask you about surrogacy, why you’re interested in this path and the type of journey you’ve visualized, or have in mind. So grab a pen, find a quiet space, and prepare to cover: 

  • How long you’ve wanted to become a surrogate (and any previous history)
  • Why you’re interested in this journey 
  • Who’ll be in your support network, if you take this step
  • Your intended timeline 
  • Your desired fee
  • Any childcare requirements, if you were put on bed rest
  • The kind of intended parents you’d like to work with
  • What sort of relationship/communication you’d like to have with intended parents
  • Your lifestyle, day-to-day activities and what you do for fun

We’ll also ask a few more specific questions about the possible medical scenarios which may be part of your surrogacy journey. These cover your willingness to: 

  • Take daily injections for several weeks at a time 
  • Transfer two embryos at a time
  • Carry twins 
  • Reduce the number of embryos within the first trimester, in the case of multiples 
  • Terminate a pregnancy, following a terminal or debilitating disease diagnosis


This last section will be an opportunity for intended parents to ‘meet’ you, even at a very initial stage. There’s nothing like putting all the details we’ve covered to a face, to make the possibility feel more real for people. 

The US-Surrogacy LLC application form gives lots of detail to help you choose the best photos. But do upload more than one, make them current and have a blend of you by yourself, and with your family. Outdoor settings are great, and try to avoid selfies. 

Surrogate requirements – it’s about the right match 

It may seem like a lot of detail. And it is. But bear in mind, the gift you’ll give as a surrogate is a life changing event. It’s crucial that we ask all of these questions, and possibly more, to ensure you’re matched with the right intended parents. Together, you’ll be embarking on a life-changing journey. And, with US-Surrogacy LLC, you’ll have on-hand guidance and support, every step of the way. 

Ready to apply? Head to US-Surrogacy LLC’s quick-start form, their full application form and baseline surrogacy requirements, and get to know their unique, family-feel approach to the incredible gift of surrogacy. 

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