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How AI advancements in donor egg matching can benefit you

10 Apr 2024

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Artificial intelligence & donor egg matching

Whatever your thoughts on AI, its usage is becoming more and more commonplace in the world of fertility to support embryologists, doctors and patients alike.

In this episode of The Ribbon Box Podcast, we were joined by Birol Aydin, Scientific Director at Ovogene, the first egg bank using AI to enhance results, to learn more.

How can AI support the donor egg matching and selection process?

Get in the know on all things AI & fertility, and check out the podcast for the expert perspective on:

  • Ovogene’s latest AI tech, and the whys and hows there
  • How AI can assist in the egg donor selection process
  • Whether AI can really help track oocyte development

We also cover off how AI can help intended parents, including:

  • How AI supported donor matching works
  • The impact of AI matching on donor anonymity
  • Whether AI donor egg matching can improve fertility outcomes
  • And so much more

Ovogene is the future of egg banks – and their dedicated team can provide you with the best egg donor solutions for your individual situation. Get in touch with their team today to learn more.

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