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Baby and toddler sleep FAQ – a sleep coach answers your questions

25 Sep 2023

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Newborn, baby and toddler sleep – let’s unpack

This week, Eloise is joined by Teach to Sleep‘s Founder Sarah Patel. She answers some of the most frequently asked questions about baby and toddler sleep:

  • How much sleep does your child need at different ages?
  • When will your baby sleep through the night, and what about sleep regressions?
  • Is “crying it out” an effective sleep method?
  • Co-sleeping: the do’s and don’ts, and the latest advice
  • Tips for getting your baby to sleep in the cot
  • Encouraging your child to self-soothe at night
  • Natural sleep remedies like cherry juice, chamomile, and magnesium
  • Dealing with bedtime challenges

Taking a holistic approach, Teach to Sleep aims to support families to make choices which fit with their infant’s individual needs (and your family’s routines).

Take your first steps to a peaceful night’s sleep by booking a consultation today.

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