From an endometriosis diagnosis to IVF success

3 Jan 2023

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We’ve just wrapped an endometriosis podcast special, tapping into experience and perspective with Jacqueline Burge-Lynch. Founder of the Bloom UK network, Jackie shares her story of being diagnosed with severe endometriosis, her subsequent challenges with conception and her journey to parenthood.

Bloom UK is a volunteer network of females working within and on the fringes of the media sector. Jackie co-founded Bloomwombs as part of the Bloom network to give women and the people around them the space to learn and talk about their wombs – from periods through to menopause.

In this candid chat, we debunk the myths around endometriosis and learn about navigating fertility care following a diagnosis.

Listen now, as we address the big issues around a condition which affects more than 40% of the FHH community.

Jackie takes us through:

  • Managing endometriosis symptoms
  • Her experience with baby loss
  • Workplace culture around fertility issues
  • What the “gentle” IVF approach entails
  • How she sought support from baby loss inclusion groups
  • IVF / IUI success
  • Navigating parenthood, and the work-life balance

Have a listen to Jackie’s story below or using your podcast app.

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