Donor Conception

Donor eggs and the latest on fertility preservation, from the experts at TFP Fertility

13 Mar 2024

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Navigating your fertility preservation options

Thinking about fertility preservation? Regardless of your story so far, unpacking your options and getting a plan in place isn’t always straightforward.

In this episode of The Ribbon Box Podcast, we’re joined by TFP Thames Valley Fertility Embryology Manager Danielle Breen and TFP Oxford Fertility Donation & Surrogacy Lead Stacey Rohling, to chat through using donor eggs, and the latest on fertility preservation.

Insights on fertility preservation and egg freezing

In this episode, we cover:

  • How do patients tend to get started with fertility preservation? What are the initial steps you can take when considering fertility preservation?
  • What is tissue freezing? How does it preserve reproductive tissues? And what’s the process for future use?
  • How long can we keep eggs, sperm, embryos and tissues frozen for? Is there a time limit? What are the considerations regarding the viability of stored samples over time?
  • What’s the best age to freeze our eggs? And what about sperm? Which factors influence the chances of successful future fertility treatments. 
  • And much more.

If you need more support – or to get started with fertility preservation, donor egg conception, or any of the topics we’ve covered today – touch base with the amazing team at TFP Fertility

Our go-to network for clarity, they’re here to help you find answers, through their world-leading team and established expertise and care.

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