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Podcast – IVF – Everything You Need to Know about Embryo Transfers

26 Jun 2020

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‘I Like My Eggs Fertilised’


This week on our Fertility Springboard podcast series, we had a brilliantly insightful chat with a fertility specialist embryologist – Kirsten from Perth, Australia. Having been there personally, we wanted to dig deeper for some fertility advice and embryo transfer tips, to pass on to all of those going through or about to embark on the IVF process.

Hear Kristen Talk us through Fertility Treatments and Behind the Scenes in the Lab

  • What happens after fertilisation with the ‘embabies’ when they start their adventure in the lab?

  • How do the embryologists pick the ‘best looking’?

  • What makes them strong contenders for IVF transfers and hopeful implantation?

  • How are embryos graded? What does embryo grading mean for IVF success rates?

  • Embryos not making it to blastocyst stage

  • How many Day 3 embryos make it to Day 5 (blastocyst) and what are the survival rates?

  • Does transferring two embryos increase the chance of IVF success and pregnancy or the chance of having twins? What happens when 2 embryos are transferred? This one blows our mind!

And the burning question as an IVF warrior – is it better to transfer an embryo on Day 3 or Day 5, as a blastocyst? We all want to be the best prepared possible for embryo transfer day, both mentally and physically, so let’s hear all about the embryo transfer process and more…

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