Podcast – Foods that Boost Fertility

14 Aug 2020

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This week on our Fertility Springboard podcast series, we chatted with nutritionist and Founder of The Fertility Kitchen,  Charlotte Grand, about foods which help fertility – for both men and women.

Charlotte tells us all about her own personal journey to conceive, following two successful rounds of IVF, with a lot of heartache in between.

We then delve into ways we can increase fertility and improve our chances of successful IVF outcomes, by preparing our bodies with an excellent nutritional foundation.

On this episode you will hear about:

  1. Natural ways of increasing male fertility with nutrition, including: foods that decrease sperm health, foods that increase sperm count and testosterone for fertility

  2. Foods to boost / improve fertility, ovulation and conception when you have PCOS

  3. Foods to avoid when trying to conceive

This is one NOT to miss!

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