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How to enhance sperm motility – a urologist’s Q&A

3 Jul 2024

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Improving sperm with a focus on motility

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Brian Steixner, board-certified urologist, an expert in men’s sexual medicine, and cofounder of Popstar Fertility to talk all things motility.

Popstar Fertility is an all-natural sperm health supplement, with a combination of twelve ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed to support and enhance male reproductive health and fertility.

How to enhance sperm motility, and more pointers

Motility, or the sperm’s ability to swim and move through the female reproductive system, is super key for male fertility.

Listen now to get expert insight on:

  • What sperm motility actually means, and how it is categorized by medical professionals
  • How sperm motility is measured
  • Why motility in particular is so important for male fertility
  • Recommendations male partners can follow to enhance their sperm motility
  • And so much more

Looking to try their supplements for yourself? Head to Popstar, and use code TRB for 20% off your first order. Be sure to explore their handy subscription options, and dive into their library of top-notch male fertility education, too.

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