Insulin resistance, fertility and well-being (and the latest research to know)

17 Jan 2024

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Insulin resistance and fertility – here’s what the experts are saying

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive (TTC) for any length of time, tackling PCOS and insulin resistance, or just diving deeper into your wider wellbeing, it won’t be news to you that our diet and nutrition plays a considerable role when it comes to boosting your health.

But what’s actually key to know here? Where does insulin resistance come into the picture, and how can it help you unlock insights about your fertility, and wider wellbeing?

The cutting-edge research to know

In this episode, we’re joined by Emily Johnson, MS, RD and Research Lead at Veri, the program that combines your continuous glucose monitor data with behavior-change psychology and health science.

We chat through;

  • Insulin resistance and fertility 
  • The impact of insulin resistance on overall health
  • Insights from Veri’s groundbreaking study on insulin resistance and fertility in women in particular
  • Lots more up-to-the-minute research insights to guide you on your fertility journey

Listen now

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Want to learn more about blood sugar levels and fertility with Veri? Peep their top 5 ways balancing your levels can support your TTC journey here.

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