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23 Nov 2019


Podcast Episode – IVF Abroad Using Donor Sperm

Back in 2019 I, Eloise (founder of Fertility Help Hub) was approached by Fab Fertility Podcast Host, Blair Nelson to be on her show, to talk about her husband’s male infertility diagnosis, the use of donor sperm and having had IVF abroad. Blair (AKA ‘Fab Fertility’) shares fertility truths, chats & inspiration online and her mission, just like ours is to help break infertility stigma and to get people who are struggling to conceive, talking.

Over to Blair Nelson… | @fabfertility


Travelling Across the Pond for IVF

In this episode, I have my very first guest from the UK, Eloise Edington. Els has been through one of the most incredible journeys I have ever heard that includes genetic factors, traveling across the world for treatments, donor sperm, a twin pregnancy and so much more. She is taking what she has learned along the way to launch Fertility Help Hub, a fertility lifestyle portal and exclusive TTC e-newsletter packed full of resources for women on their infertility journey.

Els, I ADORE you – thank you for sharing your wild ride with us and showing us just how fabulous fertility can be.

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