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Klinefelter Syndrome – Guest on Three Makes Baby Podcast

8 Mar 2020



Discovery of Klinefelter Syndrome

Eloise, founder of Fertility Help Hub, shares with podcast host, Jana Rupnow, just how heartbreaking the discovery of her husband having Klinefelter Syndrome was and how this lead them to Micro-TESE in the Unites States, followed by the use of donor sperm. | @janarupnowlpc

“Eloise from FHH shares her personal story of how a chromosomal disorder, called Klinefelter Syndrome, caused male-factor infertility for her husband.

After an unsuccessful surgery to extract sperm from her husband, the couple moved on to use a sperm donor. Eloise, now with three children, shares how difficult the process and male infertility diagnosis was for her and her husband. The lack of male infertility resources and information when trying to conceive left them feeling overwhelmed and without direction. She works passionately to change that for others by offering global fertility help and support via FHH.

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