Podcast – Solo Motherhood – The Pros and Cons

31 Jul 2020

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Solo Motherhood – the Decision, the Fertility Treatment Process, the Pros and Cons of Being a Solo Parent

Motherhood and parenthood are daunting at the best of times, but what if you haven’t met the person you want to have a family with and you hear that biological clock ticking louder than ever?

Listen as we speak to the lovely Mel Johnson, AKA The Stork & I. Mel decided enough was enough – one day she realised that even if she met Mr Right that night AND got pregnant, time was still against her. With that worry in the forefront of her mind, Mel knew it was time for her to start the process of solo motherhood with donor sperm.

www.thestorkandi.com | @the_stork_and_i

Hear Us Chat About…

  • How do you make the final decision to stop looking for a man and proceed solo?

  • Do you feel pressure from society to follow a more conventional route?

  • What reaction have you received about your decision to be a solo mum?

  • Who do you need in your support network?

  • Do you think it is a selfish decision to bring a child into the world with no father?

  • The fertility treatment process – how do you choose between IUI and IVF?

  • Can you still have a career if you choose this path to solo motherhood?

  • Would you have another child as a solo parent?

  • What has so far been the hardest part of being a single mother?

  • What was the process like picking a sperm donor, and how did you decide between anonymous vs open sperm donor?

  • 5 things you wish you’d known before you became a single mum by choice

  • Do you have any regrets about becoming a single mum by choice?

  • What are the pros and cons of solo parenting?

  • What will you say when your child asks about “daddy”, having conceived by sperm donor insemination?

Support Network

Hear the best advice Mel imparts on solo motherhood by choice, and the incredible support network she offers as a Social Infertility Coach. Mel has brought together a community of women doing the same thing. You can contact Mel here for any advice or help.

Big respect to you Mel – she’s awesome! You MUST check this out:

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