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The test that picked up low ferritin in my twin pregnancy, and how I’m navigating

21 Feb 2024

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The key pregnancy health tests women should know

This week on The Ribbon Box Podcast, we’re joined by Dr Laura Mooney from Randox Health.

With TRB Founder Eloise currently expecting twins, she has taken the Randox EveryMother test, a comprehensive health check for women prenatal and postpartum.

What specific pregnancy health tests results did EveryMother show?

Dr Mooney joined Eloise to review her results, and answer questions like:

  • Why is iron status so important during pregnancy? What’s the difference between low ferritin and iron deficiency?
  • My TIBC level came back as high – what does this mean? And should we worry if it’s low?
  • What should we know about risk for gestational diabetes – should everyone test this?
  • My EveryMother test looked at albumin, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin D – are these the most crucial micronutrients during pregnancy?
  • And lots more.

If you’re looking to get more informed about your health prenatal and postpartum, book your test with Randox Health today.

PLUS, you can get 10% OFF your in-clinic health test with code TRB10, right now.

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