Raising Donor-Conceived Children as a Donor-Conceived Person

21 Dec 2022

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In her early thirties, Hayley discovered she was donor-conceived during a family argument.

Years on, she and her wife have their own donor-conceived children.  On the TRB podcast today, Eloise speaks with Hayley about her experiences as a donor-conceived person and how these have shaped the way she and her wife raise their children.
Hayley shares her and her wife’s thoughts behind choosing a donor, tips for picking a sperm donor, advice on telling donor-conceived children their origin stories and where to find support about donor-conception.
Eloise and Hayley also discuss the minefield of language and terminology and share recommendations of personalised books about donor-conception.

To receive 15% off a personalised donor-conception book by Sensitive Matters, use code FHH15 at checkout until the end of February 2022.

To ask Hayley a question or read tips, thoughts and experiences from a donor-conceived adult about raising donor-conceived children, follow Hayley on Instagram here.

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