Sex after miscarriage. Sex after pregnancy. Sex when TTC.

12 May 2023

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Catch TRB founder Eloise’s chat with Hot Octopuss Head of Creative Kelly Gordon.

Hot Octopuss design and build next gen, multi award-winning sex toys – they are passionately inclusive and celebrate diversity, actively working to break down stigmas around all forms of consensual sexual expression.

Eloise & Kelly cover off:

  • Sex after miscarriage, pregnancy and TTC
  • Supporting pleasure at all ages
  • Products which enhance pleasure (and Kelly’s faves)
  • Toys for different sex positions
  • Tips for introducing something new to the bedroom, especially when sex has become a chore
  • How to keep your sex toys clean
  • Plus, so much more

Try the Hot Octopuss products for yourself, plus get 30% off with code TRB30 at the checkout.

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