Podcast – Should Men Take a Prenatal when Trying to Conceive?

28 May 2021

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Today on Fertility Help Hub’s podcast, we speak with the Founder and CEO of BELI (male and female fertility prenatals), Joni Davis.

Listen as we discuss which vitamins are good for male infertility and I ask, ‘Can guys take prenatal vitamins?’

We also speak about fertility pills for women and men, and why you should swap a multi vitamin for fertility supplements.

Joni gives super useful information about the importance of Choline when trying to conceive and why it is the vital nutrient missing from many prenatals. Beli not only caters for pre-conception, but they also support pregnancy and post-partum health too.

Hear why it’s so important to keep taking fertility supplements following birth, even for the men!

Beli for Women can help to:

  • Boost fertility for healthy conception
  • Improve egg quality
  • Protect baby’s brain & spine
  • Maintain healthy energy throughout pregnancy & postpartum
  • Support bone density for mama & baby
  • Help reduce nausea
  • Support postpartum recovery and breastfeeding

When searching for the best male fertility supplements, there are certain aspects to look out for. For example:

  • Avoid Herbal Remedies – they have been found to have a negative effect on fertility
  • 200 mg of CoQ10 – this should be provided in the fertility supplements
  • The quantities of each ingredient – these should be clearly listed on the packaging
  • No unnecessary ingredients – like sugars, artificial colours, fillers etc
  • Antioxidants are beneficial to fertility. As sperm is subject to oxidative damage, it has been researched that antioxidants can help sperm quality. Therefore, Vitamins C, E, Zinc and folate have been mentioned as beneficial as they all possess antioxidant properties.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is an additional nutrient to the ones mentioned above that can provide fertility help.

Get Beli for Women and Men Supplements here with 15% off using code FHH15.

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