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The Baby Name Trends for 2022 You Need to Know About

Eloise Edington  |   14 Jan 2022

Over the years, baby name experts see plenty of names come and go, some names standing the test of time and a handful of names that may have been better kept in the past.

Teachers see similar trends.  Each year I taught primary children, every year-group would have a handful of children with the same name: Mia V and Mia M, Harry F and Harry W, Ella R and Ella S (the list could go on and on).  There wasn’t an Elijah, Rupert or Sandra in sight – until the three years later, when these were the names du jour.

Of course I’m exaggerating, but we can see trends in names parents choose for their children.

But what influences baby name trends?  What are popular baby names for 2022?  And moreover: Why are names important?  Read on to find out…

Written by Holly Pigache

Why Are Names Important?

Naming your baby is one of the first parenting milestones because in many ways, babies becomes their names and our name forms our identity.

Think of the name of a particular friend, celebrity or politician.  Likely, their name will open the floodgates to a torrent of information about that individual because as we learn more about a person, we attach information to their name.  Have you ever forgotten someone’s name when referring to them in conversation and tried to describe that person?  It can be frustrating, can’t it?  Names are convenient shorthand for an otherwise lengthy diversion from the topic at hand.

We also attach information about ourselves to our own name.  Over the years, for me, “Holly” has been synonymous with: sister, daughter, teacher, writer, reader, fun, kindness, joy… I could go on.  Imagine waking up one morning suddenly without your name.  How would this impact your sense of self?

Having a name helps indicate to a child that they matter and are loved.  In 1995, Dave Pelzer published an autobiography entitled “A Child Called It”, detailing the horrific accounts of abuse he suffered from his mother.  Growing up with no name, Dave tells readers he learnt he was undeserving of identity or love.  Lacking a sense of self is strongly associated with psychological disorders (as is abuse, for that matter) and a child’s name forms the bedrock of their self-identity.

Baby Names our Community Loves

  • Herbie
  • Reeva
  • Charlie
  • Harry
  • Aurore
  • Summer
  • Sienna
  • Monty
  • Violet
  • Harris

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What Influences Name Trends?

Natural Disasters

When a major natural disaster strikes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration gives it a name, so it’s no surprise fewer parents choose to name their babies after a devastating hurricane, or storm.


TV shows, films, books, video games, etc. are all popular influencers when it comes to names.

Famous People

Some parents choose names inspired by celebrities, athletes, Nobel-Prize winners, authors…

We asked our parenting Instagram community whether they chose the names of their babies during pregnancy or at birth.

89% said during pregnancy.

What Are The Baby Name Trends for 2022?


Reflecting modern Western-attitudes towards sex and gender, many non-binary (popularly referred to as “NB”) names are coming to the fore.  Perhaps there’s the understanding that some people wish to identify as a different gender as they grow up and having a more fluid names aids this transition.

Popular baby names for 2022 can also be grouped into themes.


We’ve continued living in this pandemic with lockdowns left, right and centre.  Unsurprisingly, common names for babies in 2022 denote freedom, escapism, connection with nature.


News headlines have made for very sorry reading this past year – although, when do they not?  For 2022, baby name experts predict playful names becoming increasingly popular, indicating joy, fun and a lighthearted attitude to life.

Pop-Culture References

Who wasn’t hooked on Netflix’s biggest original series, Bridgerton and who else can’t wait for series 2 to launch?!  Delving into a fictional world set in Regency England inspired names of a bygone era to make a resurgence.  Read on to find out which names in particular have come out of the woodwork.


A common theme for baby names is hope.  Whether that be dreaming of a successful pregnancy whilst TTC or wishing for a prosperous and happy life for their child, many intended-parents pick names that indicate good fortune.  Names associated with aspiration have been particularly popular during this uncertain year.

Escapism Names

  • Koa – a tree native to Hawaiian islands
  • Dune – a sandy beach
  • Taiga – a snow forest
  • Zephyr – “West Wind”

Playful Names

  • Pixie – Celtic, Swedish, Cornish name meaning “fairy”
  • Ziggy – meaning “playful victory”.  Also pop sensation David Bowie’s supposed alter ego – Ziggy Stardust
  • Sonny – meaning “son”
  • Trixie – means “she who brings happiness”

Netflix TV Show Bridgerton-inspired Names

  • Daphne – Bridgerton‘s beautiful protagonist
  • Rupert – Germanic name meaning “bright flame”
  • Benedict – Latin name meaning “blessed”
  • Hyacinth – a latin name meaning “precious stone” – also the name of a flower

Spiritual Names

  • Rishi – a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “sage”
  • Irie – meaning “positive and powerful”
  • Alma – meaning “nurturing” and “soul”
  • Revere – means “to admire”

Whether you’ve chosen a Bridgerton-inspired name or a name inspired by nature for your child, picking a name is a wonderful parenting milestone.  And with the common practice of having middle names – why choose just one?!

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