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7 Instagrammers to Follow for Support with Baby Loss and Pregnancy after Loss

Eloise Edington  |   2 Jul 2021

Trying to have a family can be a tumultuous journey of pain, joy and sadly sometimes baby loss. It can be useful to hear other people’s stories and find out that there is a community you can turn to when you need support. Fertility Help Hub want to make sure you have access to the right resources, fertility and pregnancy help and content, to guide you on your journey.

So, we’ve made a list of five infertility Instagrammers to follow, who have experienced the ups and downs of trying to conceive/ build their family. Hopefully, these resources will offer you support and advice during this time.

Words by Katherine Compton.

Zoë Clark-Coates MBE

Zoë Clark-Coates MBE is an author, TV host, grief specialist and a CEO of Saying Goodbye Charity, who has dedicated her career to helping those who have experienced baby loss. Having lost five babies herself, Zoë understands just how challenging it can be to survive after baby loss. Last year she was a guest speaker on our FHH podcast, listen back here.

Her Instagram often features quotes and paragraphs from her writings to validate your experiences of loss, and to try to make you feel less alone. Zoë Clark-Coates has written multiple books on how to cope with different aspects of baby loss, including ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ and ‘Saying Goodbye.’

If you know that your coping style is listening to other people’s experiences and being within a community, then Zoë’s Instagram may be the right one for you to follow. As the quotes on her page are extracts from her books and general writings – most of what you read comes from genuine experience that you might relate to. She covers feelings and thoughts of grief, as well as coping with specific triggers and traumas.


Pregnancy After Loss 

Pregnancy after loss is an Instagram support page that focuses on Zoe’s ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ book in more detail. You can get a better understanding of the contents of the book and the ways that the book attempts to create a calm and peaceful environment, using specific animations, colour and interactivity. The page primarily features quotes from the book, ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ as becoming pregnant after loss is a specific type of grief on it’s own. If you have become pregnant or are a current parent struggling to process your grief while also struggling to enjoy your pregnancy or parenthood, it might be worth following this page as the suggestions and tips taken from the book may be of help to you at this time.


Rosemary Pope – Miscarriage and Infant Loss Mum 

Rosemary Pope is a miscarriage and infant loss mum on Instagram who aims to inspire women to find joy in life. Pope is also the author of Joy in Suffering, a book intended to help bereaved mothers through their grief. She also has her own website with podcasts and giveaways.

Rosemary has lost four children and understands the pain of loss and the process of life after loss, which is why she has made a guide called, Choosing Joy, for parents who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Her Instagram features regular giveaways to mothers and suggests other resources to explore. In some of her giveaways you’ll find a copy of her book and her guide. She also posts inspirational quotes and podcast episodes on infertility, baby loss and joy.

Megan Lacourrege – Mum of Loss and Author of ‘My Sibling Still’ 

If you are a parent who has experienced baby loss, you might be unsure about how to help your children process the grief they feel after losing a sibling. Megan Lacourrege is a mother who has experienced loss and is the author and writer of, ‘My Sibling Still,’ a book that explains sibling loss and tries to help them process their feelings. Her book and Instagram page might be a support to both you and your child(ren) during the long and changing process of bereavement after baby loss.

Her Instagram is filled with pages from her books, as well as short sentences and quotes she writes for parents and siblings dealing with loss. Megan also has giveaways consisting of helpful books, guides and gift cards on loss. The giveaways are for both adults and children.

Megan’s page is a great resource for all family members struggling with their loss or unsure how to support you and your children. | @mysiblingstillbook

The Mindful Baby Loss Support and Grief Coach 

The @themindfulgriefcoach became a mum of Instagram and a mindful, baby loss support coach after the loss of her son, Elvis, at eight months old. She provides gentle advice, shares open and honest stories of her grief and loss and offers guidance on how to cope. She also has morning routines for dealing with grief.

The only warning about her page is that she is very open about the loss of her child and some posts and pictures may be triggering. She discusses the struggles of raising her son, Gus, after the loss of Elvis, and setting boundaries in place to make sure she does not overwhelm her mental health as a mother and, above all, as a person. Her advice could be useful to other parents who are experiencing loss and need to find balance between prioritising their mental health and dealing with grief alongside being a parent.

LoveFromo Baby Loss Support Charity 

@lovefromo is a non-profit, UK based charity for baby loss support. This is a community Instagram page that puts together care packages for women to receive in hospital after baby loss. Their Instagram page is filled with inspirational quotes for infertility, grief and loss. If this is something that can inspire you it might be worth checking out their page. They often do raffles and giveaways. The gifts are not necessarily specific to baby loss, but rather they are small self-care and wellbeing gifts to help to encourage self-love and healing, such as candles and bath salts. 


Sophia Oxbury – Mum of Loss and Infertility 

Sophia Oxbury is an infertility mum on Instagram, who struggled to conceive for nine years, in which time she suffered seven miscarriages. She is now a mother to her son, Ari and has been voted 6th Mumfluencer of 2020. She also has her own support website in which she offers support through suggested readings, Instagram links and a helpful shop. 

Now that she is a parent after years of baby loss and struggles, she is a firm believer in hope for families who are TTC. Oxbury tries to encourage the law of attraction and positive thinking in intended parents (IP’s) and centres her website around a positive thinking journey to help parents through their loss. Oxbury focuses on mentally guiding you through your TTC journey, in the belief that you can manifest your dreams. If you would like to begin to heal your grief through mindfulness, it might be worth visiting Oxbury’s website. | @sophiaoxbury

Hopefully, you have connected with one or a few of these Instagrammers’ approaches to coping with loss and feel as though you have resources or communities to support your specific needs. For more information on coping with loss, or for more general infertility advice and tips, keep up to date with Fertility Help Hub’s IG account and join our invaluable, free, Squad Community App.

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