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Natural pregnancy supplements – from friendly bacteria to vitamin C

Emma Harpham  |   31 Oct 2023

Supporting your pregnancy journey, naturally

We partnered with Jenny Carson, Consultant Nutritionist at Viridian Nutrition, for this one. Watch as she shares her expertise on natural pregnancy supplements for every aspect of your journey.

From reducing the risk of gestational diabetes to finding the best fish oil and understanding the benefits of vitamin C, we’ve got you covered.

Working with the cleanest organic ingredients, Viridian’s supplements are formulated by expert nutritionists and contain 100% active ingredients.

Curious? Head to their pregnancy collection to learn more about how they work with your body for targeted support.

Gestational diabetes – reducing your risk

Did you know that something as simple as welcoming friendly bacteria into your routine could potentially lower the risk of gestational diabetes during your pregnancy?

“An analysis of 10 research studies involving 3000 pregnant women showed that supplementing with a multi-strain friendly bacteria formulation reduced the risk of developing gestational diabetes by one-third.

The researchers found that supplementing with friendly bacteria may support improved microbial diversity in the gut, which in turn influences fat storage cells, inflammation and insulin resistance during pregnancy.”

Which fish oil is best for pregnancy?

There’s a sea of information out there about fish oil for pregnancy, so discovering which ones are not only safe but also the most beneficial during your pregnancy is key. Because when it comes to nurturing your little one, knowing the right kind of fish oil can make all the difference.

Jenny recommends choosing a full spectrum oil sourced from organic, Scandinavian freshwater fish.

Opt for an ethically sourced Omega 3 oil from certified organic inland waters, which ensures complete environmental control, zero waste and low carbon footprint.

“During pregnancy, Omega-3s are building blocks for the baby’s brain and eye development, and research shows they may play a role in determining the length of gestation.

When selecting fish oil, look for river-faring fish to avoid ocean pollutants, raised according to the Soil Association Organic standards.”

Why take vitamin C while pregnant

Well, it turns out it’s really important – and you should take it during postpartum, too.

“Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. Many pregnant women experience iron deficiency due to a higher demand for red blood cells.

It also helps with the development of the baby, from the formation of bones, and collagenous tissues, such as skin and gums, and immune function.

When considering a Vitamin C supplement, look for one that includes acerola cherry – they have 30 times more vitamin C than oranges.”

With these natural pregnancy supplements by your side, you’re empowered with informed choices that can lead to a smoother and more supported pregnancy journey.

Keen to notch up your supps? Head over to Viridian Nutrition  where you can browse their extensive range for pregnancy and more, and get in touch with their team of qualified nutritionists for personalised advice and recommendations.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Please consult a qualified health practitioner if you have a pre-existing health condition or are currently taking medication.

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