Miscarriage Comments What To Say and Avoid Saying

Miscarriage Comments – What To Say and Avoid Saying

At The Ribbon Box, we share many reader stories of baby loss, miscarriage and grief. Sadly, despite miscarriages being widely common and affecting 1 in 4, many people suffer in silence, feeling like they are the only ones and that their bodies are failing them. It’s unfair and heartbreaking. We’ve spoken to holistic experts, John [...]

Parenting / Life After Baby Loss

In case you missed it, Headteacher Lisa Sharrock recently wrote for us about trying to conceive and pregnancy after baby loss. This week, Lisa shares sensitively with us how she has been coping with life following her baby loss, what it has felt like and the advice she can offer to others parenting after baby [...]

Your Guide to Infertility and Miscarriage from a Fertility Specialist

For many in our fertility community, miscarriage is a heartbreaking reality when trying to get pregnant. And understandably, those experiencing miscarriage (whether one or recurrent) want to understand what causes miscarriage and how to prevent it from happening again. So we've reached out to our FHH partners at Harley Street Fertility Clinic to share a [...]

Navigating pregnancy with PTSD

Valerie candidly shares her personal trying to conceive journey, the trials and tribulations of navigating pregnancy, suffering with PTSD, and more. At a BBQ several weeks ago, one of my husband’s family members pointed at my stomach and asked if there was something I wanted to tell him. Incidentally, my stomach had the slightest of [...]

Cancer Robbed me of Having a Baby

The Ribbon Box has created a community for those who struggle with infertility, to share stories and experiences. It is our hope that we all work together to de-stigmatise infertility and open up the conversation to all who need to hear it. Today, Vaishali is sharing her story. She discloses her struggle with cancer, how the [...]

Baby Loss – A Journey from Loss to Hope with an Opportunity of Free IVF

We’re delighted to introduce you to one of our successful applicants of our recent Fertility Clinics vs. Covid campaign initiative. Jenn has been successful with a free round of IVF at CNY Fertility and, for NIAW in the States (National Infertility Awareness Week), she shares her story of baby loss and the heartache and pain [...]

Life and Parenting After Loss – Lisa’s Journey

In this fertility blog we will be hearing again from Headteacher Lisa Sharrock’s about her fertility journey when trying to conceive. This time she will be talking about how life and parenting is after dealing with a devastating loss, and what advice she can offer others going through the same thing. stillamama.co.uk | @still_a_mama Imagine […]

The Infertile Diaries – Ruth’s Journey of IVF, Baby Loss and Hope

Everything feels better as a community – power in numbers. That’s why we love sharing readers’ journeys as they are trying to conceive. This week we hear from Ruth, AKA The Infertile Diaries and how complicated the journey has been to date for her and her husband. No doubt if you’re going through fertility treatment […]

Recurrent Baby Loss – Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Five Miscarriages

Sadly, baby loss affects one in four women. It is something we discuss a lot on Fertility Help Hub, through shared experiences and expert support. We have asked Allison Schaaf, the founder of Miscarriage Hope Desk (a friendly evidence-based resource), what she wished she had known before her five miscarriages. Allison is also the founder [...]

Baby Loss – Meghan Markle Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage

Photo credit – The New York Times Words by Holly McElroy Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has revealed that she suffered from a miscarriage in July this year. In an article for the New York Times, entitled ‘The Losses We Share’, Meghan wrote of the ‘almost unbearable grief’ at losing what would have been […]

HELLP Syndrome and Baby Loss – Trust and Follow Your Instincts

  When your gut feeling that ‘something is wrong’ is dismissed, you can feel very alone. Researching rare disorders, or possibilities of your condition may feel futile, as when you see stats as small as 8%, 5%, 3%, you may think, “that’s unlikely to affect me”. The Pre-eclampsia organisation urges you not to ignore the warning […]

Baby Loss Awareness – What if…

    One of our FHH readers has shared her personal story of stillbirth, loss and grief with us. We were in floods of tears publishing this and admire her strength to share enormously, in a bid to help others facing similar feelings of heartbreak and loss. If you have been affected by baby loss, […]

Baby Loss Awareness – What Not to Say to a Woman Who’s Had a Miscarriage

Baby loss affects so many around the world and this pain can feel so isolating and unbearable. Our aim is to tell other peoples’ stories, to get people talking and to raise awareness. The feelings you’re having matter and they’re normal. This week we spoke to Rhiannon, who has a blog called ‘The Mother of [...]
miscarrying while on call as a doctor

Baby loss awareness – miscarrying at work, whilst on-call as a doctor

Miscarriage is one of the hardest things we can face. Miscarrying on call, as a doctor – we can only imagine. All too often, we end up walking through baby loss alone, to some degree. One TRB reader, Dr Katherine, has shared her experience of miscarrying at work, in the middle of a 13-hour shift. [...]
Coping with TFMR-Termination For Medical Reasons

TFMR (Termination for Medical Reasons) – A baby loss never talked about

The conversation surrounding TFMR (Termination For Medical Reasons) baby loss is still incredibly limited, leaving many women feeling ashamed and guilty after their experiences. Today, we're sharing one of many Termination for Medical Reasons stories. A very inspiring Zara breaks the silence and tells The Ribbon Box about her TFMR baby loss, the impact this [...]
Loving Christmas after our Stillbirth

Baby Loss Awareness – Loving Christmas after our Stillbirth

Baby loss is devastating and there needs to be more awareness – it’s one of the toughest challenges we may face in life. We all find different ways to cope, but Christmas after stillbirth, miscarriage or any kind of loss can be particularly difficult. Jenn, a Pregnancy Loss / Fertility Coach, tells us her story [...]


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