Infertility – The Infinite Loop of Hope and Heartbreak

Anyone experiencing infertility or fertility problems knows that the journey to parenthood can be an endless cycle of hope, disappointment and drawing on diminishing energy reserves. We know that going through fertility treatment requires a positive yet realistic outlook, which can be difficult to have when trying to conceive with no success. That's why we [...]

A Hug Won’t Make My Infertility Disappear But It Helps Me Feel Seen

Living with (in)fertility is a reality many in our Fertility Help Hub community face.  Some find support and care from loved ones, others feel more isolated.  While it's unlikely that friends and family mean to cause upset with comments about trying for a baby or fertility difficulties, it doesn't mean that some things people say [...]

I’m Nervous to Inject my IVF Meds! Advice from Our Community

Most people are vaguely aware of what's involved in IVF: lots of appointments, medical scans, tablets and injections (to name the bare minimum).  But when it comes round to actually having IVF, it's somewhat amusing coming to terms with the fact you'll have to inject a needle into your stomach or thighs, every day, for the [...]

The Odds are Against Me – But I Still Have Hope

Our fertility community is always bursting with messages of hope and support (download our free app). Here, one member under the name "Solo Mummy Donor Conceived", shares her thoughts on hope and moving forwards. Over to Solo Mummy Donor Conceived (find her Instagram here). One year closes and another one begins...  Time moving forwards is [...]

Egg Collection Left Me with PTSD: Here’s How I’m Overcoming It

Experiences of infertility, fertility treatment, difficulty TTC, recurrent miscarriage and everything else fertility-related can be incredibly stressful. That's why, at Fertility Help Hub, we provide expert advice to guide you through your journey (see our experts here).  We also know our community (download the free app) offers endless support to one another, especially during bleak [...]

Here’s How My Infertility Made Me Stronger

When we asked our FHH community (download the free app here) about fertility hopes for 2022, members approached us with longer stories of infertility and fertility treatment. Here, Paige shares her story about difficulty TTC, sadness of ending 2021 without a baby and hope for what 2022 brings. Over to Paige... My husband Chris and [...]

Fertility Hope for 2022

Christmas is a time for reflecting on the past year (and what a year it’s been…) and looking forward to the next. For many in our Fertility Help Hub community (you can download the free app here), 2021 was characterised by failed treatment and disappointment.  As always, we’re here for you and hope our shared [...]

What I’ve Learned from my Fertility Nightmare

Our FHH community (download the free app here) is forever a source of guidance, advice and support for one another and the shared stories offer insights and tips for coping with (in)fertility and fertility treatment. Today, Kristie shares her and her partner's story about recurrent miscarriage and unexplained fertility. Thank you for your story, Kristie.  [...]

Tips for Surviving the 2WW

Earlier this week, we shared our community’s thoughts on the benefits of being part of a fertility community (read it here). Many TRB Instagram followers said reading sharing experiences and stories helps them to feel less alone on an otherwise lonely journey. Today, Dena shares her story about the 2WW, failed IVF treatment and Christmas [...]

Find Strength in Community – Download Our FHH App

When Founder Eloise started Fertility Help Hub back in 2019, she wanted to create a community bursting with expert advice and an impressive network of fertility clinics to help people struggling with (in)fertility.   Today, our community is stronger than ever and the fertility group chats that happen on Instagram (follow here) and through our free [...]


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