How can I reduce the egg collection bloat?

Bloating after egg collection is a thing, so what can we do? When you're going through fertility treatment, it's not uncommon to feel bloated, or have constipation or gas.  But how do you reduce bloating after egg collection, for a more comfortable IVF cycle? Today, TRB has turned to Deputy Nursing Manager, Jo Whitty, at CRGH [...]

15 questions to ask, at your first appointment

That first fertility appointment. For those of us on the team who’ve been on a TTC journey (and back), the memory comes with mixed emotions.  There’s relief that you're now working with someone who can, potentially, help. But anxiety about what treatment might look like, and maybe concern about what the process will cost or [...]

All about egg freezing – 5 questions to ask, with CRGH

At The Ribbon Box, we’ve noticed the popularity of egg freezing for fertility preservation is soaring. So much so, the HFEA reported the number of women freezing their eggs doubled between 2013 and 2018 - a trend that continues to grow. Today, Dr Vidya Seshadri, specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Head of Research and Clinical [...]

Male and Female Fertility Tests – Understanding Your Reproductive Health

Before you decide whether to begin fertility treatment, you (and your fertility specialist) will want to know the status of your reproductive health. There are many male and female fertility tests available and your fertility clinic will be able to provide most (if not all) of them. Here, CRGH (TRB partners) gives us the run-down [...]
How to Find the Right Fertility Clinic for You

How to Find the Right Fertility Clinic for You

Choosing the right clinic for fertility treatment can be difficult; there are so many factors to consider. For example, is it best to look at success rates or pricing? Is it best to be governed by location, or reviews? At The Ribbon Box, we aim to provide more insight and guidance to people considering fertility [...]

Embryo Grading – What is it and Why is it Important for the IVF Process?

For patients undergoing fertility treatment, the fertility journey can often feel like a series of important hurdles to overcome, one after the next. At one end of the spectrum, there are results of initial fertility tests and investigations, which might identify why you haven’t been able to conceive naturally. Then during the IVF process, everyone [...]

12,000 Babies and Counting by CRGH Fertility Clinic

Having personally had scans at CRGH, we are delighted to be sharing more information on well-regarded fertility clinic, CRGH (the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health). Based in Marylebone, London, they have helped welcome a serious number of babies into the world! We are definitely keen to hear more and about how they’re operating during [...]


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