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How to create a wider support network for your donor-conceived family

Last year, when their eldest daughter was nearly five years old,  The Ribbon Box Founder Eloise and her husband were contacted (out of the blue) by a lesbian couple who used the same sperm donor as them, via their bank's donor sibling registry.  Based in the US, the couple asked if Eloise and her husband would [...]

Solo Motherhood – Choosing to Have Children on Your Own with Donor Sperm

There are lots of reasons why you might struggle to conceive, and one of the less talked about obstacles is ‘social infertility’.’ This is when there is not a physical reason that stops you from conceiving, but a social reason. For example, if you’re in a same-sex couple and you need donor sperm, donor eggs and or surrogacy. Perhaps you [...]

The man behind “Our Father”, Dr. Donald Cline

Netflix have been sued over it. More than 50 people were conceived because of it. And Dr. Donald Cline is - retired (we know, we know). But who is Dr. Donald Cline? And why should we care? An ancestry DNA horror story Dr. Donald Cline was a respected man in his community, elder of his [...]

5 Unexpected Things to Consider When Choosing a Sperm Donor

If you’re considering using donor sperm for fertility treatment, the chances are you’ve spoken to your fertility specialist, Googled “How to choose a sperm donor” and had a good old think about what to look out for when selecting a sperm donor. These are all important steps and questions but are there any other things [...]

How to Find Acceptance Using Donor Eggs or Sperm for Fertility Treatment

As anyone having fertility treatment knows, it's a roller-coaster of emotions. The chances are, you'll have wondered what your general wellbeing would be like if you weren't experiencing fertility difficulties but have you ever considered how your (in)fertility diagnosis plays a role in your ability to overcome challenges on a fertility journey? At FHH, we’ve [...]

The Importance of DNA Ancestry When Choosing Your Sperm Donor

Over recent years, developments in DNA testing services have become increasingly popular. And why wouldn't it be? Understanding the ancestry of our parents gives a better insight into our genetic heritage. Although for some people struggling with infertility and wanting to use donor gametes in fertility treatment, not knowing the ancestral history of a donor [...]

Do I Need Full Genetic Testing on My Sperm Donor?

Before using donor sperm in IVF, should you screen your donor for all genetic conditions? When picking a sperm donor, how much information do you need to know? Prior to using donor sperm, fertility clinics screen the donor for key genetic conditions to help you make informed decisions about using donor sperm for IVF.  But [...]

Rihanna Said WHAT About Single Mums?

Pop-singer and CEO of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna, has recently opened up about her intention to be a mum within the next ten years and explained that if she is ready to be a parent, why wait? Relationship status shouldn't factor into whether or not you are ready to be a parent — and thanks to [...]

Male Factor Infertility Causes and Treatments by Laurel Fertility Care

Despite being the cause of nearly 50% of infertility cases, male infertility is rarely discussed. There is not a lot of common knowledge surrounding the topic, and, as a result, some men who are trying to conceive may be in the dark about the causes of male infertility and at a loss about how to [...]

IVF with Egg Donation – Why People Turn to Egg Donors

Infertility is a common problem, regardless of age. However, parenthood can be a reality, even if fertility treatment wasn’t the path you thought or dreamed of taking. Having been there myself after my husband’s diagnosis of azoospermia, due to Klinefelter Syndrome, I know that moving on to donor conception (whether that’s with donor sperm, donor […]

Donor Sperm – Cryos Answers Your Questions

As donor conception is close to our hearts, having used a sperm donor personally, we thought it would be useful to create a fertility blog where our readers’ questions are answered by the sperm and egg bank experts, Cryos International. Read on to find out about donor sperm pricing, the donor sperm selection process, as [...]

What to Consider When Choosing a Sperm Donor

Founder of Fertility Help Hub, Eloise, openly shares her experiences of her husband's unsuccessful micro-TESE sperm extraction and their subsequent decision to choose a sperm donor.  And whilst Eloise and her husband now have three children via sperm donation, when they were picking a sperm donor they felt "totally overwhelmed". A few months before joining [...]
'Social Infertility' I didn't Choose to be Gay

‘Social Infertility’ – I didn’t Choose to be Gay

What happens when you know from any early age that having a family means building it in a different way? The wonderful Millie from @jessi_and_millie (huge voices in the LGBT community), has spoken openly about ‘coming out’ and the consequences this has had on her life and creating a family. There is a lack of [...]

Sperm Donation – How do Sperm Banks Select Donors?

    We caught up with our friends at Cryos Sperm Bank to find out more about how they pick their sperm donors and the health and psychological checks they have to go through to make it onto the books. Over to Cryos International… | @cryosinternational Have You Ever Wondered How Sperm Banks Select […]

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Sperm Donor

Sperm donation – 5 top tips for choosing a sperm donor

Hello, this is Eloise, Founder of The Ribbon Box. As you may know, I have three children via sperm donation, after my husband’s unsuccessful micro-TESE sperm extraction. When we were choosing a sperm donor, we felt totally overwhelmed. How do you even start when picking the characteristics of your unborn child, especially when you are [...]
solo motherhood by choice

Solo motherhood – Choosing to have children on your own with donor sperm

There are lots of reasons why you might struggle to conceive, and one of the less talked about obstacles is ‘social infertility’.’ This is when there is not a physical reason that stops you from conceiving, but a social reason. For example, if you’re in a same-sex couple and you need donor sperm, donor eggs [...]


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