Egg donation in Spain – what to know

We delve into the process of egg donation in Spain, shedding light on how one of Europe’s benchmark clinics – Eugin – selects donors, the intricate steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and the unique aspects that characterize the Spanish approach to this remarkable journey.

IVF egg retrieval process gynem

The IVF egg retrieval process – what to expect (from start to finish)

Waiting on an egg retrieval and wondering what the process is like? When you’re on an IVF journey, this procedure represents a significant step - but can also often feel like an intimidating part of the process. With almost three decades of pioneering bespoke and cutting-edge IVF treatment, Gynem Fertility Clinic has supported thousands of [...]

Egg donation in 2023 – what’s new, exciting and relevant?

The first donor-conceived baby was born in 1978. Since then medicine has advanced so much that it has enabled people to conceive not only with standard IVF but also through third-party family-building routes such as; egg donation, sperm donation and embryo adoption. Treatments are safer, more effective and more accessible than ever for both donors [...]

Sperm & egg donation UK specifics, expert Q&A

There’s lots of information - and some misinformation - about sperm and egg donation online, so it’s best to talk to the experts. TFP Fertility UK offers both intended parents and donors the UK-specific expert guidance they need. We asked TFP Fertility UK your most pressing FAQs about sperm and egg donation, covering everything from the [...]

The egg donation process, from start to finish

In our expert guide, we’re unpacking the egg donation process - how it works, the questions to ask and definitions for a few key procedures and treatments. And for top-notch info, we’ve asked one of Europe’s benchmark clinics - Eugin - to fill in a few blanks around egg donation.  With a success rate above [...]

Egg donor profiles – what you’ll see & how to navigate

Words by Jessie Day For many intended parents we speak to, the more information, the better. You’ve almost definitely been on a journey already. The last thing you want is another step which feels outside of your control. Egg donor profiles - what you’ll see, and the navigation - should be clearly set out, empowering [...]

A fertility clinic’s 9-5: why Spain’s IVF is top-drawer right now

7AM - coffee, patient co-ordination & the Tambre experience I flew in to Madrid from (a very hot) London last night. So the first thing I appreciate (and there are many) about Clínica Tambre is its beautiful - not to mention cool, calm and collected - reception and waiting areas. Everything is considered, from the [...]

Looking to Become an Egg Donor or Surrogate? Here’s How

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the selfless gift that egg donors and surrogates give intended parents struggling with fertility. For some, using donor eggs or a surrogate is a last resort, for others, it’s the clear path to parenthood. Not everyone who comes to our fertility community is trying to conceive, though. Some people [...]

Deciding if Becoming a Surrogate or Egg Donor is Right for You

Did you know that 64,000 children are born each year via IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy? All over the world, there are intended parents wishing to grow their families, and selfless surrogates and egg and sperm donors willing to help. Becoming an egg donor or a surrogate is an incredibly kindhearted act and at Fertility [...]

Why Should I Use a Donor Egg Agency for My Fertility Treatment?

Are you interested in egg donation but not sure where to start? In fact, 40% of our fertility community is considering using donor eggs and many are wondering what the difference is between a donor egg bank and an egg donor agency. Both have different benefits and it’s your choice to decide which is right [...]

An Egg Donor Answers Your Questions

If you're struggling with (in)fertility and going through fertility treatment, you may be considering using a sperm donor or an egg donor.  In fact, 43% of our Fertility Help Hub community has either used an egg or sperm donor for fertility treatment or is considering using donor gametes. Yet when it comes to using donor [...]

How Does Egg Donation Work? And Your Other FAQs Answered

Are you considering using donor eggs for fertility treatment and wondered what the process of fresh egg donation is like? So are many others.  In fact, we recently ran an Instagram poll and discovered that 40% of our fertility community are interested in using donor eggs for fertility treatment. Yet egg donation is often shrouded [...]

How to Choose an Egg Donor

Have you ever wondered how to choose your egg donor? Who are these people and why do they donate? Fertility Help Hub speaks to the fertility specialists and healthcare professionals at Cryos about the origins of their donated eggs and to explain the meticulous process they use to select egg donors. Why do people donate [...]

What to Consider when Looking at Donor Conception

Making the decision to use either an egg or sperm donor to achieve your dream of becoming a parent is unquestionably an incredibly difficult decision. There’s so much to think about and often there's also a lot of anxiety surrounding this fertility option. Fertility Help Hub have asked California Fertility Partners to share the experiences [...]

Is Donor Conception one of the Greatest Gifts?

Through their generous gesture, egg and sperm donors often make a huge impact on families who are trying to conceive. However, there is currently more demand than supply for donor conception treatment, especially for egg donors. In light of this, Fertility Help Hub has asked The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) to explain [...]

What To Do After Experiencing Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is a hard enough experience without the added mystery of why it is happening. Finding a solution to recurrent pregnancy loss is challenging, because there are just so many factors that can contribute to it. For this reason, The Ribbon Box have turned to leading US fertility clinic, ORM Fertility to [...]

Could a Beauty and Muscle Ingredient Help those With Low Ovarian Reserve?

How a beauty and muscle treatment ingredient (PRP) could solve two of the most difficult fertility issues. Here on Fertility Help Hub, we have collaborated with the New England Fertility Institute to discuss new and inspiring medical research, looking into platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and its connection in solving uterine lining thinness (womb lining) and low [...]

The Selfless, Priceless Act of Egg-Sharing by HSFC

On Fertility Help Hub today, we hear from our partner fertility clinic, Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC), about their egg-sharing programme, which allows two separate groups of women to provide fertility help to one another, reducing costs and helping those trying to conceive achieve their dream of a much-wanted baby. Words by Harley Street Fertility […]

How does Egg Donation in the Czech Republic Work?

In this IVF blog, we ask leading fertility clinic, Unica Clinic, about egg donation in the Czech Republic. Unica was founded in 1991 and has helped bring more than 7,000 babies into the world since then. In 2003, they celebrated the first baby born through egg donation treatment in Brno and they also now have [...]

Private Sperm and Egg Donation – Introducing Pride Angel

  Thousands of people around the world require the help of a sperm or egg donor, to enable them to create their family each year. We know only too well, having been there personally, due to male factor infertility. It could be a last resort if you’re pursing solo parenthood and haven’t found the right […]

Far From Natural by Baby Quest Foundation

Far from natural by Baby Quest Foundation

We recently did an Instagram LIVE with founder of Baby Quest Foundation, Pamela Hirsch. Many years ago, Pamela set up a non-profit charity to help people in the USA obtain grants, if they can’t afford fertility treatments in the USA, win grants. She started this after watching and experiencing her own daughter go through failed [...]
Egg Donation and Surrogacy in the US

Egg donation and surrogacy in the US – top myths busted, with an expert team

Donor conception is woven into the fabric of The Ribbon Box. Our founder and CEO Eloise is mom to five sperm donor-conceived children, and over the years we've interviewed hundreds of amazing people navigating and working in the world of donor conception. Today, we're picking up with premier fertility concierge service Donor Concierge™ covering a [...]

IVF with donor eggs – everything you’ve ever wanted to ask

IVF with donor eggs. It’s a topic close to our hearts, and one we get so many questions about each month. Often, the best people to ask are those who’ve been through it. And with IVF, donor egg concerns and just about any area of fertility, this is absolutely the case. So we caught up [...]


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