Egg donation in Spain – what to know

We delve into the process of egg donation in Spain, shedding light on how one of Europe’s benchmark clinics – Eugin – selects donors, the intricate steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and the unique aspects that characterize the Spanish approach to this remarkable journey.


8 things I wish I knew before becoming an egg donor – Shelby’s story

Egg donor information, from lived experience Becoming an egg donor, and the life-changing impact donation can have on families going through IVF treatment, is becoming more and more widely acknowledged and accepted. As part of the process, donors take a sequence of fertility drug injections, aimed at stimulating the ovaries to generate a larger quantity [...]

Egg donation in 2023 – what’s new, exciting and relevant?

The first donor-conceived baby was born in 1978. Since then medicine has advanced so much that it has enabled people to conceive not only with standard IVF but also through third-party family-building routes such as; egg donation, sperm donation and embryo adoption. Treatments are safer, more effective and more accessible than ever for both donors [...]

Egg banks – what does world-leading look like in 2023?

From quality assurance to choice, reference clinics and customer care - what are the biggest watch points for donor egg banks as we close out 2022? And, how might these impact your decision, when choosing your donor egg bank?  Today, we’re focusing on a few core factors:  the donation process quality assurance choice reference clinics [...]

Egg donor profiles – what you’ll see & how to navigate

Words by Jessie Day For many intended parents we speak to, the more information, the better. You’ve almost definitely been on a journey already. The last thing you want is another step which feels outside of your control. Egg donor profiles - what you’ll see, and the navigation - should be clearly set out, empowering [...]

Is Donor Conception Right for Me?

If you're considering using an egg or sperm donor for fertility treatment, you might be wondering if it's right for you. Perhaps you're in a same-sex relationship, planning on being a solo parent, creating a fertility safety net, or maybe you or your partner have fertility problems. Whatever your reasons for using donor gametes, speaking [...]

Deciding if Becoming a Surrogate or Egg Donor is Right for You

Did you know that 64,000 children are born each year via IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy? All over the world, there are intended parents wishing to grow their families, and selfless surrogates and egg and sperm donors willing to help. Becoming an egg donor or a surrogate is an incredibly kindhearted act and at Fertility [...]

An Egg Donor Answers Your Questions

If you're struggling with (in)fertility and going through fertility treatment, you may be considering using a sperm donor or an egg donor.  In fact, 43% of our Fertility Help Hub community has either used an egg or sperm donor for fertility treatment or is considering using donor gametes. Yet when it comes to using donor [...]

How to Choose an Egg Donor

Have you ever wondered how to choose your egg donor? Who are these people and why do they donate? Fertility Help Hub speaks to the fertility specialists and healthcare professionals at Cryos about the origins of their donated eggs and to explain the meticulous process they use to select egg donors. Why do people donate [...]

Single Gay Man is Becoming a Dad Thanks to Surrogacy Overseas

Today on Fertility Help Hub, we're super excited to speak with Marvin Lemmen, from the Netherlands. Marvin is a single gay intended parent (IP), who is currently trying to have a baby via gestational surrogacy. He's sharing his fertility / surrogacy journey to date, in the hope that it will break stigma and inspire other [...]

Deciding to Use an Egg Donor – Camille’s TTC Story

Camille Guaty is an advocate for Donor Conception and Co-Founder of Foster a Dream. We are grateful that she is sharing with out Fertility Help Hub readers her personal trying to conceive story on making the decision to use an egg donor, advice to anyone looking for an egg or sperm donor and how her feelings [...]


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