A beginner’s guide to egg freezing

If you’re considering freezing your eggs – we think you’re amazing, by the way – what are the basics to know about the process, and what should you learn about your options, before hitting go? We asked a female fertility preservation specialist for the 101.

Revealing the Facts About Freezing Reproductive Material

Cryopreservation & transport facts, with Cryoport Systems

Transporting and freezing reproductive material, with a world-leading team The advancements in reproductive medicine have revolutionized fertility practices and provided hope and new possibilities for intended parents seeking to conceive. Additional technologies in cryopreservation have opened the door to freezing reproductive material and transporting it around the world, allowing for fertility procedures to take place [...]

All about egg freezing – 5 questions to ask, with CRGH

At The Ribbon Box, we’ve noticed the popularity of egg freezing for fertility preservation is soaring. So much so, the HFEA reported the number of women freezing their eggs doubled between 2013 and 2018 - a trend that continues to grow. Today, Dr Vidya Seshadri, specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Head of Research and Clinical [...]

Jennifer Aniston, fertility & putting egg freezing on the radar

By Jessie Day In her socially groundbreaking profile with Allure this week, Jennifer Aniston said she ‘would’ve given anything’ for someone to have urged her to freeze her eggs while she was younger.  It’s a topic we cover every day. But never so impactful as when a woman this famous pulls egg freezing - and [...]

Can I Use my Own Eggs for Fertility Treatment in my 40s?

At Fertility Help Hub, we know there are so many reasons a woman might want to get pregnant in her 40s. Perhaps she's tried throughout her 30s with little success. Maybe she's been focusing on her career or finding a desirable relationship within which to build a family. She might be attempting a second, third [...]

Rebel Wilson’s Fight for IVF Success and Hope

Particularly when it comes to healthcare, professionals endeavour to give impartial advice but this isn’t always the reality.  Unfortunately, some people - including celebrity Rebel Wilson - experience medical bias which can impact treatment pathways and results. Read on to find out how Rebel Wilson overcame medical bias on her fertility journey... By Holly Pigache [...]

New Egg Freezing Law Will Give Women More Choice

Government and fertility specialists are acknowledging that the current 10-year limit on storage for frozen embryos, eggs and sperm is restrictive on reproductive choices, as well as unequal (those who can prove that they have become prematurely infertile are already able to store their genetic material for longer).  A new law will extend the limit to [...]

Why You Might Consider Freezing Your Eggs

When planning to start a family, you may be concerned about timing. A lot of people tend to postpone having a family, not understanding the effect that can have on egg reserve and quality. Medical advances in fertility treatments have now made it possible for young women to freeze their eggs safely, without affecting the [...]

Cancer, IVF and Me – Eggainst The Odds

  Here at Fertility Help Hub we like to share stories from our readers about different routes to parenthood. Read about Hannah’s cancer and resulting IVF treatment after egg freezing. Over to Hannah… @eggainst_the_odds The Diagnosis In 2007 at the age of twenty-five, I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma […]


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