Understanding embryo implantation failure: answers from a fertility clinic

Embryo implantation failure in the context of IVF creates a difficult reality where the hope of becoming a parent collides with profound heartbreak. Implantation failure can occur in isolation, or as recurrent implantation failure (RIF) where three or more IVF transfers fail. If it’s happened to you, the first question you’ll have asked yourself is [...]
embryo dysfunction implantation blastocyst

Immunology – is it behind your implantation dysfunction?

Immunologic implantation dysfunction (IID) has a very real impact on thousands of pregnancies, IVF cycles and fertility strategies. It’s a highly complex area, and nowhere near high enough on the agenda for many doctors and clinics. But immunology - is it at the root of your implantation struggle? In part two of our miniseries with [...]


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