How Can Assisted Reproductive Technology Help Me Get Pregnant?

Assisted Reproductive Technology has progressed rapidly since the first IVF baby was conceived over 40 years ago. Today, different types of assisted reproductive technology are used for different purposes to give embryologists a vast array of detailed information about gametes and embryos. Each development of assisted reproductive technology is accompanied by many benefits for intended [...]

Receive Free AMH Testing with Laurel Fertility Care

We have some exciting news to share with our readers! Fertility Help Hub’s trusted partners at Laurel Fertility Care are continuing to expand and, this month, have opened a new fertility clinic. (Visit their website here.) Laurel Fertility Care offers a supportive, inclusive, and knowledgeable team to guide you when you’re ready to pursue your [...]

Why You Still Need Face to Face Fertility Meetings

A fertility journey can feel overwhelming and lonely but it doesn't have to be. At Fertility Help Hub, we know the importance of in-person meetings when it comes to fertility treatment. Meeting fertility experts face to face is the perfect opportunity to have your important fertility questions answered, particularly the ones about your unique experiences. [...]

HyCoSy – A Fertility Specialist Answers All

If you’re finding it hard to get pregnant, you’re not alone. One in seven couples has difficulty TTC and approximately 30% of cases are a result of female fertility problems. There are many reasons why a woman might experience fertility difficulties, such as genetics, lifestyle, conditions like PCOS or endometriosis, or structural problems that affect [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Male and Female Fertility Testing

Going through fertility treatment can be a long journey. To help plan the right course of treatment for you, fertility specialists at your clinic will want a clear picture of your fertility and overall health. Yet with so many types of male and fertility tests available, it’s understandable to feel a bit confused. We’ve asked [...]

Receive a Free Round of IVF and Holistic Treatments for IVF Success

Last January, in the fight against Covid, FHH teamed up with seven fertility clinics and a global sperm bank for our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid Initiative.  We gave away seven FREE rounds of IVF or donor sperm credit to eight randomly-selected couples or solo parents to help restart their fertility journeys by receiving free fertility [...]

12,000 Babies and Counting by CRGH Fertility Clinic

Having personally had scans at CRGH, we are delighted to be sharing more information on well-regarded fertility clinic, CRGH (the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health). Based in Marylebone, London, they have helped welcome a serious number of babies into the world! We are definitely keen to hear more and about how they’re operating during [...]

How Fertility Port Prague is Treating Patients During Covid-19

  We’re delighted to be talking to one of our partner fertility clinics about IVF treatment abroad during this dreaded ongoing Covid-19 era. Fertility Port are based in Prague and continue to offer fertility help to so many people, even during this time. Fertility Port have an impressive team of fertility specialists. Let’s hear from […]

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic – 9 Top Tips

‘The Infertile Midwife’ on Instagram, imparts her research for those trying to conceive. If you’re looking for help with fertility and working out how to choose a fertility clinic and fertility specialist, then read on. Sophie’s advice is based on personal experience, having done it twice herself. See what she thinks regarding fertility clinics and [...]

Fertility Blog – Jess and Ryan’s Story of Changing Fertility Clinics and Hope

  The trying to conceive journey can be a difficult and long process, especially when you have to go through multiple rounds of IVF and fertility treatment. The fertility clinic becomes your local hang-out and the vaginal wand your NBF (New Best Friend). You might face unrealistic expectations from the fertility specialists and clinics that […]

Fertility Help – Clinica Tambre Answers your Questions on Covid-19 and Fertility

    Covid-19 is, disturbingly but understandably, the topic of nearly every headline and the worry of the moment, to use an under-statement. Here at Fertility Help Hub urge you to stay strong, stay positive and to heed your government’s and the World Health Organisation’s advice. The virus is having a huge and distressing impact […]


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