My fertility friendly meal plan fertility-friendly dinners

Fertility food diaries – the go-to dishes I’ve been loving

In part one of fertility food diaries, Eloise incorporated Foodhak meals into her weekly eats. Read on for part two, as we dive a little deeper into the key nutrition behind Eloise’s favourite fertility-friendly dinner dishes. This plan will have you set for a whole week!


Pomegranate & Fertility – Can Pomegranate Boost Fertility?

Pomegranate for female fertility (& male factor too) Following a fertility diet can be such a big part of the trying to conceive journey. Leading up to our personal IVF treatment, we added a lot of pomegranate juice to our TTC (trying to conceive) fertility diet, so we’re keen to hear if it can help [...]

Why avocados are (still) a fertility superfood

Most of us know that this creamy green fruit is packed with health benefits, but is it actually a ‘fertility food’? If you’re part of our TTC squad, or you’re expecting a baby, here’s what science, and the awesome supplement creators Deavocado – creators of the world’s number one fermented avocado formula – can tell us about the power of avocados for fertility.

3 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Trying to Conceive

Valentine's Day is the perfect (if commercialised) opportunity to show the people in your life how much you love them. (This includes yourself - take it from a happily single woman.) We're making the decision-making easier with our Valentine's gift ideas. Whether you just want an excuse to treat yourself or show a significant other, [...]

Fertility-friendly eating this holiday season

Wondering how to navigate the holidays when TTC? On the hunt for a few Christmas fertility foods to sneak into your menu-planning? Or are you thinking, “Can I drink alcohol over the holidays?” You’re not alone. These are big FAQs for the Fertility Help Hub community every holiday season. At the start of this festive [...]

Foods that help fertility – find them in this hormone-balancing buddha bowl

  Michelle from myMindBodyBaby shares a delicious winter recipe - food that helps fertility. Michelle has been a nutritionist for over a decade and focuses on trying to conceive, after her own fertility struggle. Enjoy this delicious, fertility friendly recipe as we head into winter. Over to Michelle | @myMindBodyBaby Hormone Balancing Buddha Bowl [...]

Are men and women’s prenatals the same? No – and here’s why

Men and women have different fertility goals Are men and women's prenatals the same? The goal is the same, right? Well, not exactly. The shared goal is, of course, a healthy baby. But to get there, we need to adjust our mindset, focusing on specific goals for our own fertility - from egg and sperm [...]

Can nutrition improve egg quality?

No one specific food will improve egg health. Unfortunately, this isn’t a magic bullet situation. But science continues to show that targeted supplementation, plus diet and lifestyle changes, can help improve egg - and ovarian - health. And a big part of ovarian health shows up in our ovarian reserve - or the number and [...]

On a vegan fertility diet? Here’s how to optimise for protein

Words by Jessie Day  Protein and fertility go hand in hand. If you’re eating vegan, filling your diet with a variety of protein-rich plant foods will be key in your TTC plan. Expert fertility nutritionist Charlotte Grand, the genius behind The Fertility Kitchen, gives us the vegan fertility diet lowdown, from increased protein needs in [...]

Are You in the Know About How Blood Sugar Affects Your Fertility?

Have you ever wondered how blood sugar affects fertility? Are you thinking "Can high blood sugar affect fertility?" or "Can low blood sugar affect fertility?" You guessed it, blood sugar can affect your fertility and, fortunately, you have the capability to balance your blood sugar. Through lifestyle and dietary changes, you can control your hormones and [...]

Follow These 4 Tips to Improve IVF Success

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the importance of a healthy body to improve IVF success.  Regular moderate exercise, a fertility friendly diet and ensuring you take fertility-boosting nutrients all contribute to fertility treatment outcomes. Today, Charlotte at The Fertility Kitchen shares her top tips for boosting IVF results by following a fertility friendly meal [...]

4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Trying to Conceive

Valentine's Day is the perfect (commercialised) opportunity to show the people in your life how much you love them. (This includes yourself - take it from a happily single woman.) Whether you just want an excuse to treat yourself or show a significant other, a new boy- or girlfriend or a friend who's TTC just [...]

Fertility-Friendly Eating this Holiday Season

Are you wondering how to navigate the holidays when trying to get pregnant? Are you feeling worried about maintaining a fertility-friendly diet over Christmas? Or are you thinking, “Can I drink alcohol over the holidays?” You’re not alone. Members of our Fertility Help Hub community are asking the same questions. At the start of this [...]

5 Ways to Optimise IVF Success

At Fertility Help Hub, we have a wealth of Wellbeing Tips to help with IVF success.  Today, Charlotte at The Fertility Kitchen shares her top tips for optimising IVF results through nutrition and more.  Read on to claim an exclusive discount to help you use nutrition to influence IVF treatment. Words by Charlotte Grand IVF [...]

Mouthwatering Rainbow Pad Thai Recipe

Are you looking for a colourful, flavourful and hearty meal to improve your health and subsequently your fertility? Look no further, as today on Fertility Help Hub we turn to Charlotte Grand, a fertility nutritionist and founder of The Fertility Kitchen who has prepared a fertility-friendly recipe just for us.  Read on for a deliciously [...]

Fall & autumn recipes for a fertility boost

Think warming, think one-pot Autumn recipes are our fave. From porridge (oatmeal for our US friends) on the stove to yummy, simple bowl food - autumn and fall cooking really works with the fertility nutrition and lifestyle principles we swear by: warming easy on the gut nutrient-dense less stress hormone-balancing For a helping hand, nutritionist [...]

How Can Holistic Therapies Benefit Fertility and IVF?

If you are an avid reader of our Fertility Help Hub's articles, you will by now have heard of holistic therapy treatments for infertility. There can be so many holistic therapies to choose from, that we have reached out to Clinica Tambre, a fertility clinic based in Spain, to explain about some of the most popular [...]

Things I Changed for a BFP (Big Fat Positive)

Words by Eloise Edington, The Ribbon Box founder & CEO When I was trying to conceive, I went into our first round of IVF like a bulldozer.  This is our personal story and perspective on the big fat positive (BFP), which readers often ask me to share. The Diagnosis We got my husband’s diagnosis of Azoospermia [...]

10 Foods to Eat that Help Increase Fertility

As holistic approaches to fertility treatment are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness, we want to find out what the best foods are to help increase fertility for those who are trying to conceive. To learn more about the links between fertility and nutrition, Fertility Help Hub have reached out to Laurel Fertility Care, [...]

The Secret Ingredient In Turmeric That Could Be Improving Your Fertility

There are hundreds of superfoods with unique benefits for fertility, but none has been glorified quite like turmeric. Turmeric has been popularised in Western culture and this isn’t just a fleeting trend. Numerous studies and trials have been conducted on turmeric due to its key ingredient that just keeps on giving. At The Ribbon Box, [...]

Eating Out Tips for Anyone TTC

As the world is opening up and we are beginning to tentatively venture out to restaurants again (for the first time in many months), it may seem tempting to abandon healthy eating resolutions and let go a bit. For those of us trying to conceive or going through fertility treatments like IUI and IVF, and [...]

3 Powerful Nutrients you Need to Optimise your Fertility

Nutrition, along with lifestyle tweaks and exercise, can have a great impact on your reproductive health whilst trying to conceive. That being said, it is hard to know where to begin, especially if all your life you have stuck to one diet. Sometimes, it is best to start small (by trying things like fertility vitamins) [...]

What to eat (& avoid) during the 2WW – plus, decrease IVF bloating

The two week-wait (2WW) is an exciting and anxious time, that can unintentionally be a distraction from all the lifestyle advice that you are told to follow for better IVF success rates. To try and make things a little simpler, and beat any IVF bloating, Fertility Help Hub have asked registered nutritional therapist Jen Walpole, [...]

Can Intermittent Fasting Improve Male Fertility?

When trying to conceive, couples can be bombarded with health concerns, some of which can be remedied through lifestyle changes, such as nutrition and exercise. There’s often a pressure to try dieting in order to avoid weight gain, which can increase risks to fertility and slow sperm motility. Today on Fertility Help Hub, we'll dig deeper [...]

Are Goji Berries a Superfood that Help with Fertility?

The goji fertility 101 Goji berries, otherwise known as 'Wolf berries', have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as a nutrient that can support fertility and IVF success rates. Today on Fertility Help Hub, we will be covering the basics and finding out why goji berries are beneficial for fertility, along with [...]

What to Eat to Boost Fertility

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy, but what about when you’re trying to conceive? What are the best fertility boosting foods? Sometimes, it isn’t as simple as paying attention to a woman’s menstrual cycle, since bodily functions and overall health also play a part in fertility. As with [...]

Foods to Improve Egg Quality & Health

Today on Fertility Help Hub, we turn to expert fertility nutritionist, Milena from Root and Leaf Nutrition, to find out if there is a way to improve egg quality and health through the foods we put in our body. This is a question we get asked repeatedly and here are the facts. Words by Milena [...]

Does Veganism Affect Conception?

In recent years, veganism has become a popular lifestyle choice for many people, but what does this mean for those trying to conceive? What's the deal with veganism and fertility, is it ok? Fertility nutritionist, Jen Walpole, gives us an insight into some of the key nutrients that might be missing on a plant-based diet [...]

How to Improve IVF Success – Fertility Nutritionist Dishes

Michelle has been a nutritionist for the last fourteen years – specializing in female fertility. During her fertility struggles, taking control of factors like food and supplementation, helped Michelle to manage psychological burdens. Read on as she shares some easy-to-follow concepts, as well as research that you can use to help feel supported throughout your [...]

The Six Recommended Fertility Supplements (Prenatals) When TTC

Nutrition plays a vital role when you’re TTC (trying to conceive), from pre-conception to pregnancy, and even afterwards. In addition to becoming more mindful about your diet and lifestyle, your fertility specialist or nutritionist will most likely recommend introducing fertility supplements to your regime. However, when you begin strolling the shopping aisle (lined with supplements), [...]

What’s a Fertility Friendly Diet? By Nutritionist Jen Walpole

We know that nutrition plays an important role in supporting fertility and IVF success, but what exactly should a ‘Fertility Diet’ look like? We reached out to Fertility Nutritionist Jen Walpole to advise us on what we should be eating when #TTC. Words by Jen | @jenwalpolenutrition The Mediterranean Diet This is the most [...]

The Importance of Fertility Nutrients and Supplements for Egg / Sperm Health

Today on Fertility Help Hub’s blog we hear from Proceive about the relevance and importance of nutrients and fertility supplements when trying to conceive and for optimal egg and sperm health. They also provide us with an amazing nutrients checklist. Developed by nutritional fertility specialists to support the body, Proceive provides functional, comprehensive and evidence-based [...]

Nurturing Yourself for Fertility and Beyond

On Fertility Help Hub’s blog today, we hear from Fertility Specialist Dietitian, Komal Deepak Kumar MSc, RD. She runs a freelance clinic at UK Fertility Nutrition. Komal aims to help streamline preconception and fertility care and facilitate timely evidence based food plans for patients with infertility. In this article, she will be answering common questions […]

IVF Diet – How to Lose Weight for Optimal BMI for IVF Treatment

I (Eloise) have spoken on our Instagram about how lockdown has not been good for my own waistline! We recently ran a poll which showed that nearly 70% of readers waiting for IVF treatment have not been eating well (IVF diet going out the window) or exercising as much as they used to, due to [...]

Folate vs. Folic Acid When Trying to Conceive

Jen Walpole is a registered Nutritional Therapist who splits her time between her Hertfordshire clinics and online clients. She suffered with hormonal imbalances throughout her 20’s and was later diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 28. This lead her to nutritional therapy, and it was her self-learning about the importance of nutrition and a […]

Zita West’s Top Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Conception

Zita West fertility supplements, nutrition tips & more When you’re going through fertility treatment, you want to give it your best shot (excuse the pun). We know first-hand how much time, effort, energy and money can be spent ‘getting it right’. So, we’re delighted to hear from world-renowned Zita West (former midwife, fertility acupuncturist and [...]

5 Nutrient-Dense Foods for Pre-Conception

As we all know by now, food is super important for fertility, when trying to conceive. Therefore, we have once again turned to expert fertility nutritionist, Milena Mastroianni from Root and Leaf Nutrition, to hear about the top nutrient-dense foods that help fertility. Over to Milena | @rootandleaf.nutrition Nutrients do not exist in isolation. [...]

Caffeine and Fertility – Can Caffeine Affect Fertility?

  There’s lots of conflicting information about caffeine out there, especially on IVF and fertility blogs. There are also plenty of myths about what to eat / drink and what to avoid when you’re trying to conceive – all the information online can be so confusing! In this fertility blog we’ll lay out the information […]

Losing Weight Before Pregnancy – Fighting PCOS

    Sometimes when we’re embarking on our journey of trying to conceive, fertility specialists can advise us to lose weight in order to start our fertility treatment. It’s not unusual for people to need or want to lose weight before pregnancy. This is not always the case, but if it’s what your fertility specialist […]

PCOS Nutrition for Natural Conception Support

PCOS nutrition for natural conception support

PCOS affects approximately 1 in 5 women in the UK and is the most common cause of infertility in women – but when it comes to getting pregnant with PCOS, taking a natural approach can be successful in helping you conceive. So with this in mind, we asked nutritionist Kirsten Oddy her thoughts.

The 5 Biggest Myths Debunked by Expert Fertility Dietitian & Nutritionist Stefanie Valakas

The 5 biggest myths debunked by an expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist

If you weren’t already aware, nutrition plays an important part in the fertility journey. But there’s soooo much information out there about what to eat, what not to eat, and when to eat it, that it can all get a bit confusing and overwhelming. You might have received some fertility advice from a friend or [...]
Why Vitamin D is Vital for Immunity and Fertility

Why vitamin D is vital for immunity and fertility

We’ve had SO many questions from readers wanting to know more about which supplements they should be thinking of taking right now, whilst trying to conceive or to support their fertility treatments. We all want to know how we can best prepare our bodies for immunity and fertility, so we thought it was only right [...]
Veganism and Fertility Does a Vegan Diet Impact Fertility

Veganism & Fertility – Does a Vegan Diet Impact Fertility?

Fertility nutrition is such a big part of trying to conceive. Having personally seen a nutritionist when I was on the IVF journey each time, I am a big advocate of general and holistic well-being to support natural and assisted reproductive. With this in mind, we caught up with our partner nutritionist, Kirsten Oddy to [...]


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