How Much is Fertility Treatment? US & UK Costs, Explained

Undergoing fertility treatment can be hugely expensive.  Fertility treatment is a huge investment and financing IVF treatment is understandably a common concern is cost. With no guarantees that one cycle will be “enough”, the possible cost of IVF can skyrocket.  Just one round of IVF can set intended parents back around £5,000 to £7,000 in [...]

Egg donation in Spain – what to know

We delve into the process of egg donation in Spain, shedding light on how one of Europe’s benchmark clinics – Eugin – selects donors, the intricate steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and the unique aspects that characterize the Spanish approach to this remarkable journey.

Why travel to Spain for fertility treatment?

What is it about IVF in Spain? Are you thinking of travelling abroad for fertility treatment? Many US-based patients are looking at European egg donation options, which often initially appeal for their relative cost-effectiveness when compared to similar options to those in the States. Affordability is an important factor, but there are other benefits too. [...]

From thyroid to surrogacy – 2022 wrapped with Laurel Fertility Care

Twelve months of incredible support and expertise, from one of California’s best fertility clinic groups. Laurel Fertility Care are the go-to specialist care providers for so many intended parents, parents-to-be and families - here’s what we’ve learned across 2022.  Set the agenda for 2023 - we’re asking our Insta community what they’d like to see [...]

A Fertility Specialist Explains Everything You Need to Know About FET

When it comes to assisted reproduction, there are so many different acronyms and types of fertility treatment to understand. And while your fertility specialist will advise on whether IVF, IUI, ICSI (for example) is right for your specific circumstance, it can be helpful to find out what to expect from fertility treatment to help you [...]

Here’s Why Your Fertility Treatment Should Be Personalised – And How

Anyone going through a fertility struggle will know that no two fertility journeys are the same. At The Ribbon Box, we understand the importance of personalised fertility treatment, in spite of infertility becoming an increasingly common problem. According to the CDC, around 19% of heterosexual women (aged 15 to 49 years) in the US are [...]
I Need to Have IVF – Should I be Scared A Fertility Specialist Explains

I Need to Have IVF – Should I be Scared? A Fertility Specialist Explains

Embarking on a fertility treatment path can be nerve-wracking and, for some, it might be a daunting or scary prospect. But it doesn't have to be. By reading this article, you're already doing what you need to do to help you mentally prepare for IVF: researching what to expect from fertility treatment. While it's essential [...]

Between IVF cycles? A clinic’s tips for looking after your mental health

Looking after your mental health during fertility treatments Fertility treatments can be a drain on your mental health and sometimes not taking a break feels more manageable. But taking a break between cycles could be a good opportunity for you to reset and revitalize instead of just plowing on.  Deciding to take a break or [...]

Can I Use my Own Eggs for Fertility Treatment in my 40s?

At Fertility Help Hub, we know there are so many reasons a woman might want to get pregnant in her 40s. Perhaps she's tried throughout her 30s with little success. Maybe she's been focusing on her career or finding a desirable relationship within which to build a family. She might be attempting a second, third [...]

Can IVF Medication Bring on Menopause? A Fertility Specialist Explains

In a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian (43) has claimed that IVF medication sent her into menopause and caused her to feel depressed. At Fertility Help Hub, we know there are plenty of fertility myths and misconceptions, which is why we regularly speak with fertility experts across the globe to [...]

Our Fertility Journey to Our Sunset and Sunrise Babies

Fertility Help Hub wouldn't be what it is without our wonderful fertility community and sharing the richness and diversity of pathways to parenthood helps to make FHH an inclusive platform. Here, Shannon shares her and her husband's story of trying to conceive, fertility tests and treatment, surviving the 2WW and their sunset and sunrise babies. [...]

Your Guide to Infertility and Miscarriage from a Fertility Specialist

For many in our fertility community, miscarriage is a heartbreaking reality when trying to get pregnant. And understandably, those experiencing miscarriage (whether one or recurrent) want to understand what causes miscarriage and how to prevent it from happening again. So we've reached out to our FHH partners at Harley Street Fertility Clinic to share a [...]

16 Self-Care Tips During Fertility Treatment

Every one of us is guilty of not looking after ourselves as much as we should - particularly when having fertility treatment. Along with the myriad things to keep on top of (tracking ovulation, optimising our diet for fertility, fertility appointments, and, and, and) remembering to also look after ourselves can fall by the wayside. [...]

How to Find Acceptance Using Donor Eggs or Sperm for Fertility Treatment

As anyone having fertility treatment knows, it's a roller-coaster of emotions. The chances are, you'll have wondered what your general wellbeing would be like if you weren't experiencing fertility difficulties but have you ever considered how your (in)fertility diagnosis plays a role in your ability to overcome challenges on a fertility journey? At FHH, we’ve [...]

How to Date when Having Fertility Treatment

So you're worried your biological clock is ticking?  You're acutely aware that all your friends are settling down.  After each bad date, you ask yourself: "Was he really that bad?" Just me?  Of course not - thanks, society. As women approach and traverse their thirties, many report feeling pressured to find a partner, settle down, [...]

An Egg Donor Answers Your Questions

If you're struggling with (in)fertility and going through fertility treatment, you may be considering using a sperm donor or an egg donor.  In fact, 43% of our Fertility Help Hub community has either used an egg or sperm donor for fertility treatment or is considering using donor gametes. Yet when it comes to using donor [...]
20 Tips to Cope with the Two Week Wait

20 tips to cope with the two week wait

Anyone going through fertility treatment knows how awful the Two Week Wait (2WW) can be.  If you're wondering what the 2WW is, how people feel during this time and how to cope with the 2WW, this article is for you. Our TRB community is an endless fountain of fertility support, guidance and understanding.  Surviving the 2WW [...]

How Hopeful Parents and Their Surrogates are the Forgotten Spoils of War

When there’s conflict happening in the world, we think of the bombs, the hunger and the destruction. We think of the sick, the old and the people refusing to leave the neighbourhoods they’ve inhabited for over 50 years.  We think of the families fleeing their homes, the children whose worlds are ripped apart and the [...]

Free IVF for Beijing’s Citizens to Tackle Falling Birthrate in China

From this month, government officials in China will pay couples more than £3,000 for fertility treatment in an effort to tackle the country's declining birthrate. At Fertility Help Hub, we know how expensive fertility treatment can be so it's no surprise there are concerns that £3,000 will barely make a dent in the financial investment [...]

How Does Egg Donation Work? And Your Other FAQs Answered

Are you considering using donor eggs for fertility treatment and wondered what the process of fresh egg donation is like? So are many others.  In fact, we recently ran an Instagram poll and discovered that 40% of our fertility community are interested in using donor eggs for fertility treatment. Yet egg donation is often shrouded [...]

5 New Things to Expect at The Fertility Show 2022

The Fertility Show is back after two years! At Fertility Help Hub, we're so pleased that in-person events are back on the agenda and we're thrilled to have Sophie from The Fertility Show to sharing a sneak peek into what to expect at The Fertility Show 2022. Attend The Fertility Show (see the website here) [...]

Do I Need Full Genetic Testing on My Sperm Donor?

Before using donor sperm in IVF, should you screen your donor for all genetic conditions? When picking a sperm donor, how much information do you need to know? Prior to using donor sperm, fertility clinics screen the donor for key genetic conditions to help you make informed decisions about using donor sperm for IVF.  But [...]

I’m Nervous to Inject my IVF Meds! Advice from Our Community

Most people are vaguely aware of what's involved in IVF: lots of appointments, medical scans, tablets and injections (to name the bare minimum).  But when it comes round to actually having IVF, it's somewhat amusing coming to terms with the fact you'll have to inject a needle into your stomach or thighs, every day, for the [...]

What Should I Consider Before Having IVF?

When embarking on fertility treatment, there are many things to think about.  In fact, there are so many things to consider, it's understandable we forget some of these things on our fertility journeys. Fortunately, FHH's new fertility clinic partner, iGin, has rounded up key questions to ask before starting IVF. iGin is a highly-regarded fertility [...]

Is it Better Not to Take a Break Between IVF Cycles?

Towards the end of last year, FHH asked: "Is it better to take breaks between IVF cycles?"  As we begin 2022, I'd like to present a case for not taking a break during fertility treatment. Ultimately, the decision is yours and is best discussed with your doctor but there can be compelling reasons for taking the [...]

6 Common Misconceptions about Infertility

In the field of medicine, and fertility in particular, it seems there are countless old-wives tales, misconceptions and misunderstandings. This is why, at Fertility Help Hub, we share expert advice to help you separate fertility fact from fertility fiction. Today, to shed light on some common misconceptions about infertility, we have Gynem Fertility Clinic in [...]

Fertility Hope for 2022

Christmas is a time for reflecting on the past year (and what a year it’s been…) and looking forward to the next. For many in our Fertility Help Hub community (you can download the free app here), 2021 was characterised by failed treatment and disappointment.  As always, we’re here for you and hope our shared [...]

How to Have a Happy Holiday Season when Trying To Conceive

The holidays can be tough when trying to conceive or when you’re struggling with (in)fertility.  Particularly at this time, speaking with people who are going through it can help.  Join our free Fertility Help Hub community (here) to connect with a caring network to help you cope with fertility struggles this holiday season. Today, the [...]
Hair Care Tips During Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy

Hair Care Tips During Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy

During fertility treatment and pregnancy, surging hormones can wreak havoc on your hair and this can feel like yet another thing to worry about. In fact, many in our Instagram community are wondering how fertility treatment affects hair and how hair changes in pregnancy. So ahead of our IG Live on 13th December (when Eloise will [...]
Your Guide to HIV, AIDS and Fertility

Your Guide to HIV, AIDS and Fertility

As part of World AIDS Day, The Ribbon Box would like to raise awareness of the impact HIV and AIDS have on fertility. Advances in drug therapies for HIV mean that people can become parents through natural conception without passing on the virus, but these are more accessible in various parts of the world than [...]

Should I Get a Second Opinion on my Fertility Treatment?

Whether you’re TTC or exploring fertility preservation options, you might be wondering whether to get a second, third or fourth opinion and discuss treatment plans, progress and hurdles with anyone who’ll listen (or was that just me?!).  But how do you know when you should get a second opinion?  And what if you’re given conflicting [...]

How to Improve IVF Success – Fertility Nutritionist Dishes

Michelle has been a nutritionist for the last fourteen years – specializing in female fertility. During her fertility struggles, taking control of factors like food and supplementation, helped Michelle to manage psychological burdens. Read on as she shares some easy-to-follow concepts, as well as research that you can use to help feel supported throughout your [...]

Commonly Asked Questions When Seeking Fertility Help

For those trying to conceive, finding the right fertility help is extremely important and can be very overwhelming. Where do you start? What happens when you take your first steps? To find out what you guys wanted to know, we turned to our lovely Fertility Help Hub IG followers, to ask what you would ask [...]

How Long Does the IVF Process Take?

Depending on different factors, IVF will take weeks, and surrogacy will take months. Today on Fertility Help Hub, we hear from Dr Guy Ringler, from California Fertility Partners, who guides us through stages and timings of the IVF process, as well as surrogacy. Words by Dr. Ringler www.californiafertilitypartners.com | @californiafertilitypartners This is one of the [...]

Reciprocal IVF – What Is It and What are the Phases? By Clinica Tambre

As part of Lesbian Visibility Week, we hear from one of our trusted partner fertility clinics, Tambre, in Madrid, Spain - about the ROPA Method (otherwise known as ‘Reciprocal IVF’ in the UK). Clinica Tambre explains what it is, who it is offered to, and what the phases of fertility treatment are with donor sperm. [...]

Embryo Grading – What is it and Why is it Important for the IVF Process?

For patients undergoing fertility treatment, the fertility journey can often feel like a series of important hurdles to overcome, one after the next. At one end of the spectrum, there are results of initial fertility tests and investigations, which might identify why you haven’t been able to conceive naturally. Then during the IVF process, everyone [...]

Secondary Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – Yasmine Shares Her Story

Today on Fertility Help Hub, our lovely reader Yasmine Say, founder of Say Fitness Personal Training opens up about her struggles trying to conceive and the complete mental change she has had as a result of her fertility journey. Over to Yasmine www.sayfitnesspt.com | @sayfitnesspt I would say that I describe myself as a typical [...]

Starting IVF for the First Time – Tips from TTC Warriors

  Words by Deanna Texeira When it comes to trying to conceive, the decision or being forced to turn to IVF can be daunting for many reasons. This is why we decided to ask our Fertility Help Hub followers on Instagram what they think others can expect or might find helpful to know when embarking […]

OHSS – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Prevention Tips and UK Figures

What Is OHSS? One in eight IVF cycles results in the potentially serious side effect, OHSS, or Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. It is therefore wise to be forewarned and if you have PCOS, you need to be especially careful. However, it is reassuring to know that competent fertility clinics will take steps to minimise the risks […]

Multiple Births – The Latest UK Figures

Words by Sophie Braybrook IVF Multiple Birth Rates Drop Three-Fold in 10 Years – But Remain Dangerously High Latest figures show that IVF multiple birth rates have decreased to 8%, achieving and exceeding the 10% target set by the UK fertility industry. Over the 10 years from 2008 to 2018, multiple birth rates through IVF […]


Womb massage benefits – for natural conception and IVF

Today’s post is a goodie. When I was preparing for IVF, I didn’t know enough about extra holistic therapies to support conception and IVF success. However, I did benefit from Karla from Nature Heals personally treating me with a womb massage and fertility acupuncture. So we’re delighted to turn to Karla to hear more about [...]

Feel Comfy During IVF and Lockdown

Last year we spoke live with the wonderful @chilliesandclothes, who gave top advice about what to think about when dressing during lockdown and keeping your spirits up. She explained how adding a splash of colour or accessory can lift your mood, and we are personally in agreement. You can watch back her advice on seasonal […]

How does Egg Donation in the Czech Republic Work?

In this IVF blog, we ask leading fertility clinic, Unica Clinic, about egg donation in the Czech Republic. Unica was founded in 1991 and has helped bring more than 7,000 babies into the world since then. In 2003, they celebrated the first baby born through egg donation treatment in Brno and they also now have [...]


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