Why Should Men Take a Prenatal?

Why should men take a prenatal, when TTC? The thing is, ingredients count. There's no point taking a supplement, if what's inside it isn't designed to have a real effect. Should men take a prenatal featuring specific micronutrients? Can certain botanicals help? How can you make it worth the spend, and see real results in [...]

The Natural Fertility Aid Everyone is Talking About on TikTok

If you're struggling to conceive, you're not alone. Around 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive and fertility specialists agree that approximately: 30% of infertility cases a couple faces are solely due to male-factor infertility 30% are solely down to female-factor infertility 30% of problems are a result of combined male and female problems 10% [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Improving Egg and Sperm Quality

How can I improve the quality of my eggs and sperm? Our TRB community frequently asks us how to improve egg and sperm quality to boost the chances of natural conception and outcomes of IVF. For anyone trying to conceive naturally or having fertility treatment, knowing we’re doing what we can to improve the quality [...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About How Zinc and Vitamin D Affect Fertility

Conception vitamins, and two star players to get you started Making sure you are getting the right nutrients in the right quantities helps your body prepare to conceive.  Two important conception vitamins and minerals when trying to get pregnant are zinc and vitamin D.  But do you know why these are important nutrients and how [...]

Trying to Conceive in 2022? Here’s What Men Should be Doing Now

Are you wondering how a man can tell if he's fertile and what a man should do before trying for a baby? Unfortunately, there aren’t many signs or symptoms of male infertility, so following advice on improving sperm quality is an important step in boosting fertility and getting pregnant faster. Today, we turn to Legacy [...]

Reducing the Shame Around Male Infertility

Imagine wanting to improve your physical health but feeling ashamed to seek out ways to do so.  Consider discovering that a balanced diet and regular exercise are what's needed but feeling like buying fruit, vegetables and a gym membership deems you "unhealthy".  Kind of strange, right? Until not too long ago, advocating for our mental [...]

Causes and Treatment for Male Infertility

Around 7% of men worldwide are thought to be affected by infertility.  Yet complications in family-building efforts are often misconstrued as resulting from female reproductive issues. Because of this, men (or those with a male reproductive system) can find themselves ignored and dismissed when seeking advice for their fertility struggles.   In fact, around 30% of [...]

How to Take Care of Your Sperm

Beli is helping men improve their chances of a successful conception by increasing the quality and pregnancy potential of their sperm. Beli Vitality for Men is the first men’s prenatal vitamin designed to help optimize sperm for a healthy conception, pregnancy, and baby. Wondering how it all works? Read on to learn exactly what male prenatals [...]

Should you be Saving Sperm when TTC?

When you begin trying to conceive, you might find that friends or family offer unsolicited advice, some useful and some misinformed or even counterproductive. At Fertility Help Hub, we want to ensure that you are well informed to make the best decisions with regard to fertility and conception. Read on to find out why fresh [...]

Creating Super Sperm with Supplements and Superfoods

Learning about how diet and lifestyle changes can improve sperm health is a great way to actively consider how your day-to-day actions can affect your fertility when trying to conceive. Making these little tweaks may have an impact on your fertility, especially if you were unaware of these tips. To guide you in the right [...]
Top UK fertility supplements you love

Top of the pops – the UK fertility supplements you love (and why)

When TTC, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is often recommended to improve fertility, as nutrients found in food can improve reproductive health. But some nutrients are harder to find in our diets and so getting the right daily intake of these nutrients is not always possible through food alone. Fertility supplements can reassure you [...]

Top 5 U.S. Fertility Supplements for Men and Women

Spoiler—your fertility supplements may not be doing as much as you think. In an unpleasant twist, both the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Paediatrics have reported that many of the popular prenatal vitamins being marketed to women don’t actually meet adequate nutrient levels for choline, folate, vitamin D, magnesium and iodine. That [...]

Do Tomatoes Hold A Secret Ingredient Which Improves Sperm Quality?

Today on Fertility Help Hub, we've teamed with FutureYou Cambridge, to discuss one particular aspect of male infertility and how one ingredient could hold the key to improving sperm quality. Read on to find out about sperm morphology improvement through clinical trials of this key ingredient, LactoLycopene, and its inclusion in some male fertility supplements.  [...]

Male (In)fertility – Six Recommendations When Trying to Conceive

  Words by Jessica Kelly Male (In)fertility Factors Making the decision to start a family can be difficult, as couples now consider their circumstances and desires for the future in greater detail than perhaps ever before. The decision to abandon contraception and start actively trying to conceive can take months, or even years, for some. […]


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