Between IVF cycles? A clinic’s tips for looking after your mental health

Looking after your mental health during fertility treatments Fertility treatments can be a drain on your mental health and sometimes not taking a break feels more manageable. But taking a break between cycles could be a good opportunity for you to reset and revitalize instead of just plowing on.  Deciding to take a break or [...]

16 Self-Care Tips During Fertility Treatment

Every one of us is guilty of not looking after ourselves as much as we should - particularly when having fertility treatment. Along with the myriad things to keep on top of (tracking ovulation, optimising our diet for fertility, fertility appointments, and, and, and) remembering to also look after ourselves can fall by the wayside. [...]

14 Tips for surviving Mother’s Day when TTC

When you're trying to conceive and not having much luck, Mother's Day is tough Mother's Day, when everyone is celebrating motherhood, can feel like a kick in the teeth - a reminder you're still not a mum. So how do you survive Mother's Day when you're TTC? We've asked our TRB community for top tips [...]

Four Simple Things You Can Do To Lift Your Mood Today

Living through the pandemic over the past few years has been difficult, to say the least.  We won't go over the tragedies many people have faced as a result of Covid-19 complications, instead, let's look forward to getting our lives back on track. At Fertility Help Hub, we know the importance of positive wellbeing - [...]

7 Tips to Reduce Stress when Trying to Conceive

There's no denying that trying to conceive is stressful and the more difficulties we have, the more stressed we become and the harder it gets to fall pregnant. It's a vicious cycle and so many people in our community ask us: how can I reduce stress when I'm trying to conceive? The Fertility Help Hub [...]

Dos and Don’ts for a Better Night’s Sleep

When you’re going through fertility treatment, a good night’s sleep can be elusive.  Maybe you’re worried about the upcoming IVF stims, perhaps the fertility medication is making you feel sick or maybe you’re worried this cycle won’t work.  Whatever the reasons you’re not sleeping, you’re not the only one.  (To read shared stories from our [...]

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media when TTC

We've all been there: Deleted social media, loved the serenity, felt curious about what our friends are doing and downloaded it again. Repeat six months later. At Fertility Help Hub, we're aware online content can be triggering.  Whether we see a news article about someone for whom contraception failed time and time again, when celebrities [...]

How to Cope with (In)fertility at Christmas

When you’re trying to conceive, the holidays can be tough and it can be hard to stay positive. But it needn’t be this way. (Our Fertility Squad members can help when you need some support - download the free app here). Counsellor Mollie Graneek, from Harley Street Fertility Clinic, shares her expert advice for people [...]

How to cope with fertility anxiety – yoga, meditation and dealing with panic attacks

This week we had the great pleasure of catching up with the wonderful Harriet Mac-Masters-Green, actor and writer. Harriet has suffered from panic attacks for years and gave us invaluable tips and tools to cope with stress – ‘your breath is your best friend’. Whether you practise fertility meditation, acupuncture for fertility, yoga or have [...]
The Torturous Decision of What to Do with Remaining Embryos

The torturous decision of what to do with remaining embryos

One subject you don’t hear talked about much is the heartache of what to do with remaining embryos. When do you decide you’ve completed your family? With the financial clock ticking on frozen embryo storage, how do you decide what to do? We wanted to chat with a leading voice in the fertility world – the wonderful Natalie Silverman, Founder and Co-host of The Fertility Podcast.


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