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Folate vs Folic Acid – which really is best? A nutritional therapist breaks it down

Folate vs folic acid - the 101 guide Folate vs folic acid is a crucial but often confusing topic. Both are forms of vitamin B9, essential for various bodily functions, especially during pregnancy. However, the differences between the two can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. Together with Nutritional Therapist and Health [...]
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Key nutrients to power the second trimester of pregnancy, and beyond

What are the most important vitamins for pregnancy? As you step into your second trimester, your body is ramping up for some serious growth and development. Expert nutritionist Rachel Bartholomew gives us her top recommendations for powering your second trimester, and beyond.


Are men and women’s prenatals the same? No – and here’s why

Men and women have different fertility goals Are men and women's prenatals the same? The goal is the same, right? Well, not exactly. The shared goal is, of course, a healthy baby. But to get there, we need to adjust our mindset, focusing on specific goals for our own fertility - from egg and sperm [...]

6 Useful Resources for Your Fertility Detox

Understanding what toxins are, where they come from and how they impact fertility is an important step in planning for a fertility detox. That's why earlier this month, FHH Founder, Eloise spoke with Rachel Bartholomew, a nutritionist from Nutri Advanced, about toxins to avoid when TTC.  Listen to the FHH podcast episode here and visit [...]

10 Things You Need to Know About Having a Fertility-Friendly Detox

When we're trying to get pregnant, we know it's important to avoid toxins and have a fertility-friendly diet.   But many wonder: Is it safe to detox when trying to conceive or pregnant and how to detox safely? At Fertility Help Hub, we want you to feel confident in detoxing when TTC so we've enlisted the [...]

Your Winter Immune Health Toolkit – Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

This year, more than ever, immune health is at the forefront of our minds, and especially from the perspective of ‘what can I do to help myself?’  The good news is, there’s lots you can do. And a great place to start is to build a winter immune health toolkit.  Today on Fertility Help Hub, [...]

3 Powerful Nutrients you Need to Optimise your Fertility

Nutrition, along with lifestyle tweaks and exercise, can have a great impact on your reproductive health whilst trying to conceive. That being said, it is hard to know where to begin, especially if all your life you have stuck to one diet. Sometimes, it is best to start small (by trying things like fertility vitamins) [...]


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