Is it Okay to Compare my Child with Other People’s Kids

Is it okay to compare my child with other people’s kids?

It's tempting, isn't it, to compare your kids with other people's kids? But how helpful is it really to compare your child's progress or behaviour against other children?  Does it do your kids any good?  Does it help you parent better?  Should you compare your child to other people's children?  If not, how do you [...]
thrifty parenting

5 ways to save money as a new parent

We know that your little bundle can often come with big costs! We’ve come up with these helpful ideas for saving money as a new parent, and to help you stay thrifty during your parenthood journey.


How to co-parent with your ex

Co-parenting can be tricky. Not all families fit traditional set-ups and it can sometimes feel the odds are against us. Today, successful co-parent Krystal Martinez shares her experience and expertise about how to co-parent so you can approach this next stage in your family's life with confidence. Krystal is a writer for brands like Scary [...]

I thought maternity leave would be a holiday – it wasn’t

Before going on maternity leave, we're often met with all sorts of excited well-wishes from work. But whether it's your boss wishing you "A lovely long break" or colleagues asking what you're going to do with all of your free time now - all this gives the impression that maternity leave is a vacation. Time [...]

Open The Ribbon Box – your FAQs about our new name, look & feel

Fertility Help Hub is expanding, inside and out. We have a new name, a new look and a growing team working behind the scenes on the content and community you know and love.  We’re so excited to open The Ribbon Box, and show you what’s inside. Keep reading for all the essential info, and contact [...]

A teacher’s top tips for reading with kids

Many parents know the battles of reading time.  Not bedtime reading - this can be a joy (until the story ends and the lights go out) - but when your child reads their guided-reading book to you.  Cue: reluctance, stubbornness, phonics knowledge flying out the window and your child pleading for you to take over. [...]
abellamiracle down syndrome story

What I wish I was told about my daughter’s Down syndrome

According to Down Syndrome UK, around 1 in every 800 babies is born with Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome will have some level of learning disability and parenting a child with Down's syndrome brings its own challenges and rewards. At The Ribbon Box, we're keen to share stories of all family make-ups and today, we [...]

If you’re a parent, you need these 5 apps

Being a parent can be really tough but our friends at The Handbook have rounded up the best apps for mums and parents to make life a little easier.  Whether you're looking for fertility support, pregnancy advice, on-the-go parenting tips, first-aid guidance just a click away or apps to help your child sleep through the [...]

How to Raise Anti-Racist Children

It's been almost two years since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the arms of a police officer.  Since then, Derek Chauvin has been fired from his job and convicted of murder, nationwide policies and systems have been under scrutiny and Black Lives Matter marches have been walked in countless countries. Globally, discussions [...]

Parenting Trends of 2022 You Need To Know About

The pandemic has shifted the way many of us live, work and learn so it's no surprise parenting trends for 2022 reflect this "new normal" -  to use a term we heard far too much in 2021... As ever, FHH is on-top of current trends and looking at popular parenting movements for the coming year.  Here, [...]

The Baby Name Trends for 2022 You Need to Know About

Over the years, baby name experts see plenty of names come and go, some names standing the test of time and a handful of names that may have been better kept in the past. Teachers see similar trends.  Each year I taught primary children, every year-group would have a handful of children with the same [...]

Parenting styles – unhelpful labels, or tools for learning?

Are you a helicopter parent?  Do you follow the “positive parenting” tribe?  Or are you more into “chicken-blood” parenting?  The likelihood is that at some point, you’ll parent in all the above ways - and more!  But trying to box up your parenting style and stick a big label on it isn’t always helpful and [...]
intimacy after having a baby

Rekindling intimacy after having a baby – 3 things to do

Raising children is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs on the planet and involves as many challenges as magical moments.  Yet even adjusting to life with children can be a challenge in itself.  If you’re wanting to get your sex life back after having a baby, you’re not alone.  Many people say having children [...]


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