Open The Ribbon Box – your FAQs about our new name, look & feel

Fertility Help Hub is expanding, inside and out. We have a new name, a new look and a growing team working behind the scenes on the content and community you know and love.  We’re so excited to open The Ribbon Box, and show you what’s inside. Keep reading for all the essential info, and contact [...]

Dos and Don’ts for a Better Night’s Sleep

When you’re going through fertility treatment, a good night’s sleep can be elusive.  Maybe you’re worried about the upcoming IVF stims, perhaps the fertility medication is making you feel sick or maybe you’re worried this cycle won’t work.  Whatever the reasons you’re not sleeping, you’re not the only one.  (To read shared stories from our [...]

Tips for Dealing with Fertility Envy

Feeling envy or resentment towards someone who is pregnant, as a person who has experienced either baby loss or a fertility struggle and treatments such as IVF, is a completely normal response. Having feelings does not make you a bad person. It is valid to experience those emotions. But of course, those feelings can be [...]

What to Eat to Boost Fertility

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy, but what about when you’re trying to conceive? What are the best fertility boosting foods? Sometimes, it isn’t as simple as paying attention to a woman’s menstrual cycle, since bodily functions and overall health also play a part in fertility. As with [...]

Preparing Your Mind and Body for IVF by Zita West Fertility Clinic

Today on Fertility Help Hub, we hear from a well-regarded boutique fertility clinic in Central London, the Zita West Clinic. They are renowned for their holistic approach at ZWC and people travel far and wide for their expertise as fertility specialists. Read on to find out their recommendations and tips on how to prepare mentally [...]

Does Veganism Affect Conception?

In recent years, veganism has become a popular lifestyle choice for many people, but what does this mean for those trying to conceive? What's the deal with veganism and fertility, is it ok? Fertility nutritionist, Jen Walpole, gives us an insight into some of the key nutrients that might be missing on a plant-based diet [...]

Fertility Goddess Fundamentals – Understanding the Energetic Principles of Fertility

In today’s fertility blog, we are pleased to be introducing the Fertility Goddess Fundamentals, which was co-founded by Nicola and Caroline. They help support people’s fertility journeys with energy healing and mind-body healing techniques. Read on to understand what the seven fundamentals are, what toxic stress is and why a fertility goddess is important. Words [...]

7 Wellness Apps to Help You Deal with the Winter Blues

Our friends at The Handbook recently listed the top seven wellness apps to help you deal with the winter blues. As we well know, when you’re trying to conceive / having fertility treatment it’s an incredibly stressful time, especially during a global pandemic. So, read on to find out which wellness apps are worth checking [...]

Fertility, Wellness and Beauty Discounts to Rock Your Summer

Finding fertility help and advice can be expensive and cutting costs seems like a never-ending task. Luckily, we have done that work for you! Just in time for the long awaited summer, we’ve negotiated FREE re-usable discounts and offers on your behalf for fertility, lifestyle and well-being products and services, to save you money and [...]

Fertility and IVF at Work

  These three astonishing ladies continue to do wonders in the fertility community. Natalie, Claire and Becky have started a fertility (IVF) at work initiative called ‘Fertility Matters at Work’. This was founded following their individual experiences in the workplace whilst undergoing fertility treatment. They feel that others experiencing the same thing can benefit from […]

Fertility Help – Madeleine Shaw on How to Cope with Anxiety

  With the unwanted fear and burden of Covid-19, we’re faced with social distancing and lock-down in many countries, not knowing when this might end. So today more than ever, we are suffering anxiety over our health, loved ones, trying to conceive and even being pregnant. To ease the tension and to change our mindset […]


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