Wild Nutrition’s 6 tips for a fertility boost, live

9 Sep 2022

From blood sugar balance to thyroid checks

We’re all familiar with the usual tips for a fertility boost – eat lots of this and that, get more sleep, cut down on alcohol, etc. But what about getting ahead of specific health concerns – especially ones which could impact while TTC? 

FHH founder & CEO Eloise caught up with Lorna Driver-Davies, Head of Nutrition at leading Food-Grown® supplements brand Wild Nutrition, for expert perspective on where to focus your action-planning. 

In her 6 tips for a fertility boost, Lorna covers: 

  • blood sugar balance
  • the importance of Omega-3
  • stress and its impact
  • our microbiome
  • thyroid concerns
  • PCOS

Plus, lots more. Watch now to catch up and re-frame your planning. 

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