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Are Fertility Treatment “Add-Ons” Worth it? An Embryologist Explains

8 Jun 2022

When you’re having fertility treatment, your fertility specialist might suggest optional additional treatment, otherwise known as “add-ons”.

Many in our fertility community (join our free Squad here) wonder if “add-ons” are safe or worth it.

In this video, FHH Founder (Eloise) speaks with Senior Embryologist (Victoria Wigley) from All About Embryology to discuss whether “add-ons” are worth it. She also explains how an embryologist selects the best embryo for IVF transfer.

Victoria has set up an independent embryology consultancy, where you can speak with her about important questions to ask your fertility clinic. She’ll also help you to understand which fertility treatment options could be right for you, to maximise IVF success and ensure you’re not wasting your money on unnecessary “add-ons”. Click here to book an initial consultation and quote SUMMER10 for 10% off.

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