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Recurrent pregnancy loss & silent endometriosis – what an MD wants you to know

FEATURING ReceptivaDX  |   21 Mar 2024

Can silent endometriosis cause recurrent miscarriage?

Yes, in a nutshell – but recurrent miscarriage is rarely clear-cut, and can be complex to get to the bottom of.

Getting informed on all of our options is so key to being able to better advocate for ourselves if pregnancy loss is a part of our fertility journey.

Watch the Q&A

This endometriosis awareness month, we sat down with the fantastic Dr Mona Orady, MD, FACOG Gynecologic Surgeon, to shine a light on silent endometriosis, miscarriage, and testing advocacy.

Watch as we chat through:

  • Why patients come to her, and where they’re referred from
  • Her experience with patients who have recurrent miscarriage as a symptom
  • How many patients she sees with silent endometriosis, and the common warning signs

We also get the latest on:

  • The endometriosis miscarriage connection
  • Recent advancements in diagnosing silent endometriosis, and the ReceptivaDx™ BCL6 test
  • The importance of self-advocacy during the testing process
  • And more

Want to rule out endometriosis from your fertility journey, silent or otherwise?

Ask your physician about the ReceptivaDx™ test – a cutting-edge detection method of the BCL6 protein, associated with endometriosis.

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