Handling the crazy things people (will) say, over the holidays

14 Dec 2022

Fertility insensitivity, when you’re tired and wired

We’re not sure what gives people – friends and family, even – the idea they can say just what they like about our fertility, sex lives and even emotional health.

It can be especially tricky to deal with at this time of the year. What are the unhelpful things you’ve had fired at you across your journey?

This week, Medical Director Dr Smikle from Laurel Fertility Care shares his tips for handling inevitable fertility insensitivity, whether it’s:

  • “Make sure you have sex on a Tuesday”
  • “Just forget about it and it will happen”
  • “Just have a one night stand and get it done”

All real, all from our community, all ridiculous.

For continued holistic support with the amazing team at Laurel Fertility Care, book a call today.

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