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Cumulative IVF cycles – do your chances improve?

3 Nov 2022

How and why cumulative IVF cycles can increase success rates

Very few people go into TTC hoping for multiple IVF cycles. But science does show that cumulative tries may have a positive impact on success rates. Costs can be prohibitive, however, especially when starting again from scratch. A solution is required, to bridge the gap, which is where Access Fertility shine. They’ve refunded private IVF patients more than £13 million since 2015, with access to savings, fixed treatment costs, and a refund of up to 100%, if they don’t have a baby. 

Deciding to try again

Aside from the mental resilience and physical process required, cost is a blocker for so many patients, when deciding whether to give IVF another try. FHH founder – and cumulative IVF patient – Eloise, knows first-hand the strain of multiple cycles, and procedures. But, can cumulative cycles actually help? Catch up with Eloise and Professor Scott Nelson, Medical Director at Access Fertility, who explains:

  • How to optimise your fertility treatment outcome
  • Benefits of multiple cycle tries
  • What happens if IVF doesn’t work, and the Access Fertility Refund Programme
  • Who these plans are suited to (and why)

Looking for more information? Connect with Access Fertility and learn more about their groundbreaking IVF refund programmes.

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