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Egg donor stories: Surprising things I wish I knew before donating my eggs

FEATURING Cloud9 Conception  |   17 Nov 2023

Looking for egg donor stories, or wanting to hear from someone who’s been there?

Whether you’re looking to egg donation as an empowering way to help you achieve your goals, or you’ve already completed your family and want to support others, here’s the 101 – with someone who’s been there.

We were recently joined by the lovely Shelby Carpenter, two-time egg donor and founder of Cloud9 Conception – the fertility agency inspired by family, founded in community, and taking a fresh perspective on egg donor experiences and egg donation.

Watch as we chat through;

  • The typical timeline for egg donation
  • Your responsibilities as a donor
  • How many times you can donate
  • Risks and side effects
  • And everything else she wishes she’d known, before donating her eggs

Keen read more egg donor stories? Catch up with our article on egg donor information from lived experience here.

If you’re interested in learning more about taking steps towards becoming an egg donor (or looking for a donor to start building your family) Shelby and the team at Cloud9 Conception would love to hear from you.

You can get in touch with them today for an easy, 5-minute pre-screen, and more kind guidance and information.

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