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Live round-up – safe IVF & embryo shipping

24 Nov 2022

Moving your eggs, sperm or embryos?

Moving your precious gametes can present a nerve-wracking set of logistics. But when it comes to this specialist area, CryoStork® shipping services (masterminded by Cryoport Systems) are second-to-none. 

Jackie Frost, Associate Director of Reproductive Medicine at Cryoport caught up with FHH founder and CEO – and donor sperm mama – Eloise at the amazing ASRM 2022 Expo, to cover what to look out for, when finding the perfect sperm, egg or embryo shipping service for you.

Watch now, for details on: 

  • what expert service looks like, in IVF shipping
  • why tanks and shippers need to adhere to the strictest cleaning/maintenance protocols
  • temperature queries
  • how CryoStork® are ready to connect with your clinic, and get things moving
  • customer service and tracking watch points

Plus, lots more. Watch now and connect with CryoStork® to get your shipment booked and in the best hands. 

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