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Exploring egg sharing to build your family – the 101 with Cofertility

FEATURING Cofertility  |   6 Feb 2024

Thinking about using donor eggs as part of your fertility journey?

Watch our expert webinar session with Lauren Makler, CEO and Co-Founder of Cofertility, the human-first fertility ecosystem that empowers everyone to own their own family-building journey.

From Lauren’s own personal journey to what’s behind the egg sharing program model, she’ll share the 101 on using donor eggs to build your family.

Discover how it works, distinguishing it from traditional egg donation, learn the perks of utilizing donor eggs through this collaborative process. Explore the criteria for egg sharing and uncover how Cofertility can be your guiding light throughout this journey.

The egg sharing program to know

Get notes and insight on:

  • What egg sharing is, and how it works
  • How it differs from standard egg donation
  • The benefits of using donor eggs in this way
  • Egg sharing criteria
  • How Cofertility can support your family building journey

When you’re ready to explore their range of donor profiles, connect with Cofertility – they’re here to help you find your match, offering a you-centered approach, baby guarantee, and lifetime support.

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