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Endometriosis & Fibroids

25 Feb 2021

‘Fertility SOS’ Virtual Chat – Endometriosis & Fibroids

This week we had a rather brilliant virtual chat with a panel of fertility specialists – the first in our ‘Fertility SOS’ Virtual Chats Series. On the panel we welcomed Medical Director of Barcelona IVF, Dr Raul Olivares and Director / Founder of The Dietologist, Stefanie Valakas. At Barcelona IVF, they know that every moment in reproduction needs personalization, professionalism, and honesty. Their state-of-the-art laboratories, and team of fertility specialists and doctors, are committed to each decision that offer you the most innovative techniques in assisted reproduction.

Watch it back to learn more about what holistic ways can help to manage and improve endometriosis and fibroid, and in turn help you then trying to conceive…


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