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Fertility treatment for endometriosis – ask the experts

FEATURING TFP Fertility  |   4 Apr 2024

Diagnosed with endometriosis, or suspect you might have it?

This Endometriosis Awareness Month 2024, we caught up with Dr Marco Gaudoin, Medical Director at TFP GCRM Fertility, to chat through treatment options, fertility care possibilities, and to get your questions answered.

Lifting the lid on fertility treatment for endometriosis

Get notes and insight on:

  • Treating and supporting endometriosis
  • Stages of endometriosis and how they can each impact fertility
  • Timelines, age and when to begin fertility treatment

We also cover the process of fertility treatment for endo, including:

  • Fertility treatment for endometriosis risks and success stories
  • Tailoring treatment with co-occurring conditions like PCOS and fibroids
  • And much more

Whether it’s with Dr Marco Gaudoin in Glasgow or another of their world-leading team from across the UK, find out more about endometriosis with expert fertility support.

Connect with TFP Fertility to book a consultation today.

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