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Looking into financing fertility treatment? Watch this first

FEATURING Laurel Fertility Care  |   3 Apr 2023

How to pay for fertility treatment

The financial cost of treatment is a huge barrier to many of us struggling with fertility issues. Finding the funds can be challenging, but there are support options available for those wondering how to pay for fertility treatment.

We’re joined by Dr Smikle, Medical Director at Laurel Fertility Care, who shares excellent advice and resources on financing fertility treatment. You’ll find out:

  • How much do fertility treatments cost?
  • How can I get help with funding my treatment?
  • Does my insurance cover treatment?
  • What about medication costs?
  • Can I get a grant or loan?
  • Where can I do complimentary egg freezing?
  • When is it time to seek financing?
  • Is IUI cheaper than IVF?

For a friendly chat about your financing routes, book a call with the amazing team at Laurel Fertility Care today.

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